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Windu: "Obi-Wan, we want you to take a division of troops to Raxus Prime. We've received reports of Separatist activity in the system."
Kenobi: "Raxus is a backwater planet of no strategic importance. What could the Separatists want with it?"
Windu: "That is what we want you to find out."
Yoda: "On that planet, many ancient secrets, there are."
Mace Windu, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda[1]

The Conquest of Raxus Prime was a battle initiated by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, shortly after the First Battle of Geonosis.


"Keep digging. Expand the search. Spare no expense. What we are looking for is more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Shortly after the Evacuation of Rhen Var, the Republic had scanned some unusual activity on Raxus Prime. The Republic decided to send a strike force led by the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to check out the activity. Once they arrived, Anakin and Obi-Wan went to the surface to scout the area. After they took out an enemy STAP party after a grueling chase through the wastelands, they had found an enemy excavation site and called their assault ship for reinforcements.

The conquest[]

"By reading the spurious reports from Coruscant regarding our withdrawal from such temporary worlds as Raxus Prime and Ord Janon, the Republic would have its citizenry believe we are on the run."

Anakin in his TX-130 during the battle.

Anakin and Obi-Wan made an attack on some supply convoys to stall time for their strike force. Once the strike force landed, they fought a treacherous journey filled with traps and surprise attacks, with Anakin protecting a contingent of AT-TEs and Obi-Wan single-handedly clearing out a Separatist outpost. When they got to the excavation site, they had their beta forces waiting at the back shield so that they could destroy it. Once they destroyed the main generator to allow the beta forces to enter the battle field, both strike teams attacked and destroyed the remaining defense forces and the lines supplying fuel to the Separatists. However the attack turned out to be an ambush, an assault by a Protodeka destroyed the strike team except for Kenobi and Skywalker.

As the battle weakened, Anakin spotted Count Dooku escaping in a Hardcell-class interstellar transport vehicle and followed him, but he was overpowered by Dooku and Cydon Prax, who incapacitated him. Once Dooku and Prax escaped, the Confederates released their deadly assault machine, the Protodeka. The Protodeka obliterated the strike force, and only Obi-Wan survived. Obi-Wan single-handedly destroyed the war machine, but Count Dooku's ship had already left the system with Anakin and his deadly machine as the Republic's reinforcements arrived.

With Prax guarding Anakin, Dooku planned to have the young Jedi executed. However, his master, Darth Sidious, demanded to keep him alive, for he had "plans" for the Padawan. Dooku obeyed and sent Anakin to Sidious to be subjected to Sidious's agenda. However, Sidious planned for a strike force to rescue Anakin; Sidious allowed Anakin to escape for the sake of Sidious's plan and to keep his true identity unknown. Later, Palpatine had another "meeting" with the young Jedi, strengthening Anakin's suspicions about the Jedi.



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