"The golden light of this moment is yours. The blue-tinted skies and white clouds are yours. Where leaves are green and flowers bloom in many colors, you are there. Where children grow strong in limb and heart, you are there."
―The Keeramak[src]

The Consecration Ceremony was a religious ritual of the Ssi-ruuk, and one of fundamental importance to Ssi-ruuvi religion.

According to Ssi-ruuvi religious beliefs, if a Ssi-ruu died away from Lwhekk, their soul was destined to wander the universe without end, and be denied access to the fourth egg that was the Ssi-ruuvi afterlife. To counter this, the Priests would conduct an hour-long ceremony to consecrate another planet. At the end of the ceremony, the Ssi-Ruuk would dedicate the planet to the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium, and give it a Ssi-ruuvi name.

The only consecration ceremony viewed by non-Ssi-ruuk was when Bakura was consecrated by the Keeramak, during the Ssi-ruuvi attempt to re-conquer Bakura. Interestingly, the Keeramak itself led the ritual, which should have been done by the Priests. It is possible that its unique status in Ssi-ruuvi religion allowed the Keeramak to consecrate a planet. It is also possible that consecration was a province of the Shreeftut, as the Keeramak was the Shreeftut of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium at the time.


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