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The Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit), or the Republic frigate, was a model of retrofitted Consular-class cruiser that turned the ships into small frigates. Corellian Engineering Corporation created this for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the early part of the Clone Wars.


Multiple angled view of a Republic frigate

Unlike earlier models, they were not painted entirely in red, but instead bore an emblem of the Open Circle Fleet.[4]

The Consulars were armed with five twin turbolaser cannons, each mounted on the opposing side of the center fuselage and one on the stern behind the sensor and communications array. The class also had a double laser turret on the top of the bow. A smaller sensor and communications array than on the peacetime vessels was featured, and the vessels were staffed by clone pilots and officers in total of a nine-man crew.[4] The warship also featured a modular bow pod, including the original salon pod, a command pod, or boarding pods. It was equipped with a class 2 hyperdrive.[5]

The Consulars were equipped with medical suites complete with a 2-1B-series medical droid.[6]

The weapons-system had a targeting screen of Corellian design, similar to the one on the AG-2G quad laser cannon, an orange-against-red grid.[1]

The bow-mounted turbolaser was replaced by a turreted twin heavy ion cannon by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[5]


A Republic frigate docking with Tranquility

The refitting-procedure was done early in the Clone Wars, when warships were still in short supply. The former diplomatic ships were converted under direct orders from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[2]

Jedi General Yoda used such a frigate to reach the moon of Rugosa for a diplomatic meeting with Toydarian King Katuunko. The ship was attacked, but managed to hold off two Munificent-class star frigates long enough to fire all escape pods towards the moon, one of which contained the Jedi Master and three clone troopers.[4]

Jedi General Aayla Secura attempted to dock one of these ships with the Resolute to treat Anakin Skywalker's severe injury, following with the ship's hyperdrive malfunctioning and the ship blasting into hyperspace. After nearly flying into a star, the Consular-class ship crash-landed on Maridun.

They were also used to transfer captured Nute Gunray to the Tranquility, and later when Gunray and Asajj Ventress made their escape.[7] Consulars also evacuated the crew from the Liberty during the Sky Battle of Quell.[6] A number of these militarized Consular-class cruisers were part of a task force assigned to free captured Jedi Eeth Koth who had been captured by Confederate General Grievous.[8] They were used to transport the Clone Youth Brigade to the Endurance as well.

One of these ships was used to transport the body of Senator Onaconda Farr back to Rodia after his death.[9] Later in the war, at least three were part of the fleet that battled over Sullust.[10]

Another of these vessels was used to transport Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala to the planet Mon Calamari for a failed diplomatic mission. It was destroyed on orders from the Separatist commander Riff Tamson.[11]

Following the Declaration of a New Order, few of the starships survived, with many having been mothballed or broken up. During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance deployed several of them. They were known to be well-liked by their crews.[5]


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