The container transport was a widely used freighter during the Galactic Civil War. The ship was manufactured by Xizor Transport Systems.


A rear-view.

Each transport was slightly more than 200 meters long and required a crew of eight. The ship was able to carry six Class-A cargo containers arranged equidistantly in arrays of two around the main ship's hull, which gave it a cargo capacity 50% greater than a BFF-1 bulk freighter.

In addition to its superior hauling capacity, it provided a better degree of protection for its cargo, in the shape of three laser turrets that covered a wide arc and, under skilled control, could even shoot down incoming warheads. The ship also sported quite powerful shields for a vessel of its class.

This type of vessel was commonly found in convoys, where its armaments gave a first line of defense against raiders, and gave escort starships a valuable few seconds to launch starfighters. Its weaponry complemented the capabilities of any purely defensive craft, and gave it a useful role in amongst the undefended freighters. However, it was an unwise shipping agent that relied exclusively upon Container Transports to defend a convoy.



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