"Here we stand, at the extremity of our exertion, having cast behind us the idols of our fathers, to once again carry to our foe the penalties due their sacrileges. Come perdition or hard vacuum, the Republic expects that every citizen will do his duty."
Supreme Chancellor Contispex I, Fourth Inaugural Oration[src]

The Contispex dynasty was a dynasty of Supreme Chancellors of the Galactic Republic during the Pius Dea Era. Members of the Pius Dea religious group, many of the Contispex dynasty were in fact descended from its founder Contispex I, including Contispex I's son Contispex II. The last Chancellor of the dynasty, Contispex XIX, was captured by the Jedi Order aboard the Flame of Sinthara and taken to Caamas, where he was tried and imprisoned for the rest of his life.




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