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"Targets to be removed from the affairs of the Cularin system for an indefinite period of time. Targets to be confined and controlled prior to delivery to Client or Client's agents."
―Contract AA23[src]

Contract AA23 was a bounty, that was posted for the capture of the heroes of Cularin.


The contract stated that the heroes were to be captured alive and that there would be a 10% reduction in the bounty if they were killed. It was set to increase over time. The contract also stated that any seekers of the bounty must have at least three years experience and not be currently seeking any other bounties.


The bounty was originally posted with the Hutts by Hohn Ryntz on behalf of Velin Wir, the Metatheran Cartel's envoy to the Cularin system. Over ten years later, the value of the bounty had increased to half a million credits and when the heroes traveled to the moon Nar Shaddaa, they were attacked by a group of bounty hunters, who wanted to collect the bounty. Ryntz felt guilty about forgetting to cancel the contract after Wir had died, so he met with the heroes and attempted to get the Hutts to cancel the bounty. The Hutts eventually agreed to suspend, but not cancel, the contract.


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