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Control was a Corellian corvette used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War within an Imperial simulation. It served as a minor flagship for the TIE Bomber squadron Alpha Squadron during an attack on a Rebel Unidentified Rebel Outpost, which would ultimately become a victory for the Imperial Forces.


Like most CR90 corvettes, Control had a length of 150 Imperial standard meter's,[2] a hull rated 50 RU and a maximum speed of 50 MGLT.[1] It's armament included Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolasers turrets, one on the dorsal side of the ship, and one the ventral side.[3] The ship also had a certain level of shielding, gray plating with Red stripes with an orange tint.[1]


During an attack on a Rebel outpost, the Control served as flagship for a TIE Bomber squadron called Alpha Squadron, who were assigned to destroy the outpost. It also served as a command post for Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport Walker 1, which could reload the TIE Bombers if they ran out of Torpedo warheads. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Cavalry would stand in for Control, in case the corvette was destroyed during the bombing. During the attack, Some of the outpost's ships fought back against the Imperial starships, and Control itself was attacked by transport group Axet, though the transports were quickly destroyed by the TIE Bombers. After the outpost was destroyed, the TIE Bombers returned to Control. The battle simulation was featured in the Imperial combat training simulator, where TIE Bomber pilots could test their skills with the torpedo warhead.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Control first appeared in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, a 1994 video game developed by Totally Games. The ship is featured in the third combat chamber mission of the TIE Bomber, titled "Torpedo Run," during which a squadron of TIE Bombers is designated to attack a small Rebel outpost.[1]



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