The Control Spar was the central structure in the Shadowport of Asylum. It contained controls to everything on the floating platform, from blast doors to docking clamps. During the Battle of Asylum in 3632 BBY the Control Spar was taken over the forces of Eternal Empire Emperor Arcann, grounding every vessel and making them easy target for the Eternal Fleet. Koth Vortena send HK-55 to clear up the path to the spar for him and The Outlander, after which they traveled to it in a small shuttle. Koth and HK-55 stayed behind to delay a team of Knights of Zakuul, and the Outlander went into the Control Spar alone. After successfully disabling the docking clamps and allowing the ships, including the Gravestone, to leave, the Outlander and attacked by Arcann. At the end of the duel Arcann fell from the Control Spar into the port below, but survived the fall, while the Outlander and his crew escaped on the Gravestone.[1]

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The Control Spar appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, released with the Update 4.0.


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