"Twelve, Pride is bad."
Pash Cracken[src]

Contruum's Pride was a medium-sized transport that saw service with the fleet of Warlord Zsinj. In response to Zsinj's probe of the Pyria system, the New Republic sent Rogue Squadron to attack Vengeance Derra IV, the starship which attempted to breach Borleias' defenses. They found Vengeance being resupplied by Contruum's Pride in orbit of Mrisst.

Rogue Pash Cracken was able to identify Pride as falsely named due to her violation of traditional Contruum naming conventions, and the squadron attacked. Contruum's Pride was damaged in the attack, all of her TIE/LN starfighters were destroyed, and she had to cease fighting and use her tractor beams to save Vengeance Derra IV from burning up in Mrisst's atmosphere.


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