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Contruum was a planet in the Mid Rim, and was the most developed planet in the dense system of inhabited worlds that made up the Contruum system.[2]


Contruum was a brown and blue world circled by satellites, two fair-sized moons, and a mid-sized orbital shipyard.[2] Belonging to a dense system of inhabited worlds,[2] including Contruum Six, Contruum itself was a tropical world[4] with numerous cities on the equatorial band,[2] with enough farms and arable land on its surface to be considered an agriworld.[5]

An industrious planet with ore-smelting plants, foundries, a modest shipbuilding franchise, and lucrative borium mining operations, Contruum was often touted as one of the most preeminent planets outside of the Core Worlds, and was compared to Eriadu in terms of power and prestige - though it was not remotely as ecologically devastated as the infamous polluted Eriadu - with no planet able to rival it in its part of the Mid Rim.[2]

Due to its position in industry, aspiring geologists, metallurgists, and engineers from all along the Vaathkree Trade Corridor flock to Contruum to study at its prestigious applied sciences colleges.[4] Graduates and interns alike can easily find work-study programs and employment within the planet's foundries, shipyards, and mines, with multiple manufacturers of borium-tipped excavators and industrial drills recruiting heavily from Contruum's graduate pool.[4]

Equally famous for their spirit of courage and sacrifice,[2] Contruum has a rugged identity with a long history of invasions; with each invasion ending up with the inhabitants of Contruum rising up and driving invaders back into space.[5][4] During the rebellion era especially, Contruum waged a war of attrition against the Empire under the direction of Airen Cracken, who would go on to become the planet's most iconic contribution to the Rebel Alliance; Airen made the war so costly to the Empire that shortly before the Battle of Yavin the Empire surrendered to Contruum's demands and withdrew from the system entirely.[4] As a result, Contruum was one of the first planets to successfully throw off Imperial occupation, and became a galaxy-wide model for rebellion against the Empire; indeed, Contruum's reputation for insurrection was so powerful that it was slated for destruction had the battle for Yavin turned out differently.[4]


The Imperial era[]

In 8 BBY,[4] Imperial forces seized control of the planet's Borium operations, expecting that such an action would meet little resistance from the rest of the planet's largely scattered and self-sufficient population.[5] They were proved wrong when Airen Cracken and his team of mechanics organized themselves into a guerrilla group, known as Cracken's Crew.[5] Avoiding direct attacks on the garrison forces, they wreaked havoc on the Imperial-controlled shipyards and mines, while disrupting the supply infrastructure of the occupation.[5] As the Imperial garrison tried to deal with the saboteurs, a planetary militia was raised, and after a years-long war, the local Moff opted to withdraw his troops, unable to justify the losses that the Empire was suffering in attempting to hold the world.[5]

Ultimately Airen Cracken and his son Pash Cracken were considered heroes, and became two of the most iconic contributions of Contruum to the galaxy.[5]

The Yuuzhan Vong War[]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War Contruum was largely untouched, largely thanks to the efforts of Airen Cracken; after decades as head of Intelligence for the Alliance, Airen returned to his homeworld to personally oversee its defense.[2] To protect the world from invasion, the orbital shipyards were abandoned, and a secret moonbase was established on the planet's innermost moon - giving the illusion that there was no military buildup or targets worth attacking.[2] In concert with newly-designed Hapan pulse-gravity interdiction mines at key hyperspace route exit points, the measures ensured that Contruum would stay beneath the notice of the Yuuzhan Vong, and if they did have visitors, that they could be trapped and blockaded.[2] These tactics proved so effective that the Yuuzhan Vong did not make a serious direct assault on Contruum until the fifth year of the invasion.[2]

During the fifth year of the invasion, the Galactic Alliance, correctly anticipating a planned Yuuzhan Vong attack on their capital at Mon Calamari, decided to concentrate half their available fleets around Contruum Six, preparing to strike at Yuuzhan Vong controlled Coruscant while the invaders' fleet was on the Outer Rim assaulting Mon Calamari.[2]

While the Yuuzhan Vong did not directly locate the buildup focused around Contruum 6, their suspicions were aroused by the increasing numbers of Smugglers' Alliance ships passing through the system. As a result, during the defense of Mon Calamari, Warmaster Nas Choka ordered four of his fleet's battlegroups to break off their attack and strike at Contruum.[2] However, when Zonama Sekot came out of hyperspace above Coruscant, all Yuuzhan Vong warships were recalled to defend their home base, and the fleet at Contruum turned around nearly immediately after entering the system.[2] Subsequently, Contruum was used as a staging point for Galactic Alliance forces in the lead up to the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, and entirely avoided any major conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

In The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force, the map places Contruum in the Expansion Region, but the text places it in a "part of the Mid Rim."



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