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"Convict 2317! You are more than ten meters away from me during combat!"
Unidentified hubdroid[src]

"Convict 2317" was the designation of an alien prisoner of the Galactic Empire held aboard Accresker Jail during the Galactic Civil War. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, 2317 and their squad boarded a rebel EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate and began gunning down the defending rebel troopers. As their squad's hubdroid told the squad to advance, 2317 began to drop behind due to their injured foot. Once over ten meters from the hubdroid, it turned around to tell them he was out of range. 2317 tried to assure the hubdroid that they would catch up but the droid said they only advanced and 2317's prison collar then began to beep. The alien exploded as the rest of the squad continued advancing.[1]

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