"You wanna know how the Imps stop it from messing things up when they ship it around? They stick it on the coolant grille and freeze it."
―Chelli Aphra[src]

A coolant grille was a device that could flash-freeze any object or lifeform that was placed on top of it. One coolant grille was used on the Galactic Empire wreckage-prison Accresker Jail to freeze the interrogation bor. Chelli Aphra used the coolant grille to freeze the shapeshifter "Lopset Yas" in the form of Doctor Cornelius Evazan, in order to trick Tam Posla into trading him for an escape shuttle.[1] However, both Aphra and Posla were unaware that "Yas" was actually Evazan in disguise, and not a shapeshifter.[2] Aphra and Tolvan later used the coolant grille to freeze the gundravian hookspores that had infected Accresker Jail as they tried to possess Posla.[1]


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