Teyora Rekab in a coolth suit.

Coolth suits were environmental suits designed for cold-adapted species like Ensos to survive on worlds with high temperatures, such as Tatooine or the Bright Lands of Ryloth or Cairns. For example, Ensos, used to the freezing temperatures of Ensolica, were forced to wear these cumbersome suits in order to avoid near-instant heatstroke.

The suit was crisscrossed with meters and meters of tubing running in a complex maze from cooling units, around the body and back again. The limbs of the suit were coated with reflective material to avoid absorbing an excess of sunlight. Two air intakes located below the chin allowed high-temperature air into a circulating system before passing into the helmet bubble and being expelled through the escape vents at the top. Standard coolth suits did not include additional air filtration, such as dust filters or chemical air scrubbers. The helmet bubble did not include a polarizing lens to shield the wearer from harsh sunlight, prompting some to wear polarized goggles underneath.

Coolth suits temperatures were adjustable, but cheaper models were often locked into presets to reduce mechanical deterioration. This sometimes led to travelers having to wear thick insulating garments underneath their coolth suits to prevent hypothermia.

Coolth backpacks were a lighter alternative for some, particularly residents of Mos Espa.

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