"I just try to keep my eyes and ears on passive scan, if you get my solar drift."
―Cooper Dray[src]

Cooper Dray was a washed-up swoop racer that ran a swoop gang known as Cooper's Swoopers on the planet Bescane.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

When Dray was younger, he was a talented swoop racer that had a large following. However, his winning tendencies eventually came to an end, causing his popularity to dramatically decrease. He eventually settled down on the planet Bescane as the world had a large swoop racing following, and he was well-remembered by many of the citizens there. Dray eventually formed a swoop gang, the Cooper's Swoopers, which he named after himself. Although increasingly thought of as a wash-out, he was contacted by a Rebel agent who tried to convince him to join the Alliance and leave Bescane. Before Dray could make up his mind, the Rebel was murdered by Galentro Heavy Works marshals, who were loyal to the Galactic Empire. Shocked at the event, Dray resolved to join the Alliance, but to work within the system on Bescane. His swoop gang ran hit-and-run attacks on the corporation and the Imperials, fighting for the Rebellion. In order to hide his true allegiance, Dray posed as a thug, and only revealed his devotion to the Rebellion to his close friends. He operated within criminal circles, striking up a friendship with the noted counterfeiter, "Lucky" Ordomire.

Operation Death-Hunter[edit | edit source]

Dray eventually got caught up in Operation Death-Hunter when he began to notice that Humans from the age of 15 to 25 were disappearing off of the planet. Unknown to Dray and the Rebellion, the Empire intended to use the Humans as templates for Death-Hunter Cyborgs. The Rebel spy, Lady Amber Comark, who had tracked the funding of the project all the way from the Core Worlds, contacted Dray to inform him of the Death-Hunter project. The two met up in the Arcade Omicron cantina and were eventually joined by Rebel SpecOps agents. As Dray and the Rebels attempted to hash out why the Imperials would want to kidnap young Humans, they were set upon by corporation marshals. Cooper, his gang, and the Rebels fled the establishment, but were pursued by speeder bikes and a flitter airspeeder. The airspeeder fired on Dray's swoop, throwing him from his craft into the street. Knocked unconscious, he was gathered up by the flitter and turned over to the Empire.

Right on the threshold of the maximum age desired by the Empire, Dray was brought to the planet, Zeta Zero Nine in the Wastes. Transported to the underwater base on the planet, he was placed into a stasis booth to wait for transformation into a Death Hunter cyborg. Within the detention center of the base, Dray was placed on a medical table and forced to undergo several painful tests by a medical droid and several medical technicians. These tests were performed to ensure that Dray would survive the transformation, but came at great physical pain to the former swoop racer. Before the final cyborg transformation could be performed, the base was infiltrated by the Rebel agents who had resolved to rescue Dray from his fate. In a rapid sequence of events, Lady Comark freed several of the other Imperial prisoners, leading to an uprising in the detention center. In the chaos that followed, Dray was rescued from the med techs and dragged along as they made their way to the base's docking bay. The group commandeered a torpedo attack carrier and fled back to the Rebel's starship. As they left the facility, Dray suggested to the Rebels to unleash a concussion missile strike on the base. The Rebels complied, causing the destruction of the Imperial base. The group then escaped the world in the Rebel's ship and returned to their Rebel base.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Can I help you, kind spacers?"
―Cooper Dray[src]

Dray was a talented swoop racer that did not have the skill to make a perpetual career in the highest levels of swoop racing. He enjoyed being in the limelight, and disappointed with his waning popularity, he decided to settle down on a world that still appreciated his racing career. His wish for validity caused him to establish his own swoop gang, which he named after himself, Cooper's Swoopers. Cooper was notable enough to be contacted by a Rebel agent, who wished for him to leave Bescane and join in the fight against the Empire. After the Rebel's death, he become more concerned for those around him, working to overthrow the Empire and help Bescane's marginalized citizens. Acting in this capacity caused him to be somewhat paranoid, and he did not readily reveal his loyalty to the Rebellion, remaining coy about the topic even to fellow Rebel agents.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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