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"Perhaps if yousa helped us pounden those bursas, wesa could help yousa against Rogoe."
―Copek asks Boss Gallo to remove the bursa threat to his city[src]

Copek was an Ankura Gungan and the Boss of the city of Otoh Urs on the planet Naboo in the year 3000 BBY. During a war between the Gungan tribes around that time, Otoh Urs regularly suffered attacks from native predatory bursa creatures. The city was eventually visited by Gallo, another Boss who was uniting the Gungans against Rogoe, the instigator of the war. Copek said he would join Gallo's cause if he removed the bursa threat, which Gallo was able to do. Copek then contributed four energy catapults to Gallo's Grand Army.


"Yousa think yousa town was the only one to face those beasts? Wesa must reserve oursa soldiers to fighten the bursa raids."
―Copek explains his city's troubles to Gallo[src]

Copek in Otoh Urs

Copek was a male Ankura Gungan with green skin who was the Boss of the city of Otoh Urs on the planet Naboo in 3000 BBY.[2] While he served as Otoh Urs's Boss, the Gungan tribes became engaged in heavy warfare with each other, and at the same time, the city faced constant attacks from bursas, a carnivorous and semi-sentient predator species on Naboo. Due to the attacks, Copek was forced to keep training Gungans to defend Otoh Urs from the bursas, but he was unable to completely remove the threat.[1]

Eventually, Copek was visited by Gallo, the former Boss of the city of Otoh Sancture, who was trying to unite the Gungans against Rogoe, the Gungan warlord who had instigated the war. Copek told Gallo that he was sympathetic to his cause, as Gallo's city had been destroyed by bursas, but said that he would only join Gallo if he agreed to kill the bursas attacking his city. Gallo led his militiagungs to destroy the bursas, and the Gungans returned to Otoh Urs carrying their pelts. Glad to finally be rid of the bursas, Copek contributed four energy catapults to Gallo's Grand Army.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Boss Gallo, mesa have heard of yousa suffering and mesa sympatize."
―Copek, to Gallo[src]

During the war between the Gungan tribes, Copek was forced to keep training militiagungs to fight the bursas assaulting his city, but he was unable to find a permanent way to end the threat, which caused him to ask Boss Gallo for assistance. Copek was also sympathetic to Gallo, as both of their cities had been attacked by bursas, with Gallo's being destroyed.[1] Copek's name came from a violent predator that lived on Naboo.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Boss Copek appears in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion, Clone Campaigns,[4] in the second level of the Gungan campaign, "The Gungan who would be Boss."[1] Prior to the game's release, Copek was indirectly mentioned in its strategy guide, which stated that he was just a voice the player hears when entering Otoh Urs,[5] but in the game Copek can actually be seen in the city and is named. The image that represents Copek in the game is the same used for several other Gungan bosses who appear. Copek's voice actor is uncredited in the game.[1]



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