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"It's what the smelter used that day."
―Emperor Palpatine to Bevel Lemelisk, after he wondered why molten copper was used for his execution[src]

A cheap copper battery which could provide power to many types of electronic devices.

Copper was an element that could be mined throughout the galaxy. Chalcopyrite and malachite were both copper-based ores.[1]

It was a byproduct of the seas of Sriluur with the cities of the Copper Coast often covered with a coppery fog composed of sea spray and chemicals that could harm the skin of sensitive species.

One of Bevel Lemelisk's many executions was being dipped in molten copper, largely because it was what the smelter was using that day.

Copper Phthalocyanine Blue, a type of copper variant, was mixed with 4-Dimethylaminobenzene to produce the spice variant Booster Blue.

Ruusan was said to have significant deposits of copper.[2]

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