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Coral on the moon Rugosa

"Canto Bight is like nowhere else in the galaxy. It's full of strange people and strange sights, all of them from somewhere else. But it's also a place where anyone can find a nook to call home. You'll be safe if you're careful."
"Like a coral reef? Where the giant razorback whale and the miniscule angel-pin shrimp can both find their niches?"
"Sure. Exactly like that."
Teal and Flux[1]

Corals were non-moving plant-like organisms that secreted a hard external skeleton and grew either above ground or underwater depending on the species. Coral forests were hot and dry enviroments where reptiles and insects thrived.[2] The oceans of the planet Mon Cala were filled with lush coral reefs,[3] amid which the native Mon Calamari built beautiful, organic-looking cities.[4] Rugosa, a moon located in the vicinity of Toydaria, had "forests" of above-ground corals.[5] Similarly, a dry mesa covered in above-ground corals existed on the planet Atollon.[6] A massive coral reef covered the entire oceanic planet of Pillio.[7]

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In the 2017 reference book Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia, corals are classified as plants.[2] However, in real life, they are in fact sessile animals that secrete a calcareous skeleton.[8]



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