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Rugosa land coral

Coral on the moon Rugosa

Corals were non-moving plant-like organisms that secreted a hard external skeleton and grew either above ground or underwater depending on the species.[1] The oceans of the planet Mon Cala were filled with lush coral reefs,[2] amid which the native Mon Calamari built beautiful, organic-looking cities.[3] Rugosa, a moon located in the vicinity of Toydaria, had "forests" of above-ground corals.[4] Similarly, a dry mesa covered in above-ground corals existed on the planet Atollon.[5] A massive coral reef covered the entire oceanic planet of Pillio.[6]

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In the 2017 reference book Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia, corals are classified as plants.[1] However, in real life, they are in fact sessile animals that secrete a calcareous skeleton.[7]



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