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This article is about Dac's capital city. You may be looking for Foamwander City.

Coral City, also known as Mon Calamari City, was the planetary capital of Mon Calamari. Coral Depths City was the oldest part of the city and was the birthplace of Admiral Gial Ackbar.



The underwater half of Coral City, known as Coral Depths

Comprising a floating city that hovered above the world's endless oceans, and a city located below the ocean's surface, Coral City was the seat of government during the planet's membership in the Galactic Republic, which made it the target of heavy policing after the Galactic Empire's subjugation of the world. Following Mon Calamari's liberation, Coral City was once again the planetary capital through its membership in the Rebel Alliance, the Alliance of Free Planets, the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance.

The city was the birthplace of Admiral Gial Ackbar.[1] During the Clone Wars, this city was the site of a second battle on the planet Dac. Along with Foamwander City and Reef Home City, it was charged with coordinating orbital defense. During the attack on Mon Calamari, the city came under assault by three squadrons of Admiral Daala's TIE Fighters.

As such, it was home to a number of governing bodies, such as the Mon Calamari Council. Following the Battle of Coruscant, Coral City became home to New Republic leaders that had fled the galactic capital.[1] It acted as the temporary seat of government for the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance following the election of Cal Omas. It contained Quarren Tower.

For many years prior to his enslavement, Coral City was represented in the Mon Calamari Council and led by Ackbar.

It is possible that by 137 ABY Coral City was destroyed, as by that year the capital city of Mon Calamari was known as New Coral City.

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The capital of Mon Calamari has been known by several different names over the years. The majority of sources referred to the capital as Coral City. Dark Apprentice and several other sources identified the capital as Coral Depths City. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia later identified that Coral City and Coral Depths City were the same city. In 2011, Dac was featured in the first three episodes of the fourth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. The city shown in these episodes was identified as the capital city of Mon Calamari City in the young reader novel The Clone Wars: Warriors of the Deep. However, the city presented in the Clone Wars media was an underwater city, while Coral City was identified as a floating city. However, the 2015 roleplaying sourcebook Fly Casual later established that Coral Depths City and Mon Calamari City were one and the same. This article uses Coral City as it was the last name used chronologically in the Star Wars Legends continuity.

According to the art designers of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, the city's buildings were inspired from the Mon Calamarian cruisers in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The buildings are basically upright cruisers.[2] In The Essential Atlas, the city is described as a pressurized base on the seafloor.



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