"If I post a guard, tell him to shoot you if you show your face near the brig again—does that seem fair?"
"That seems fair."
―Hazram Namir and Corbo[src]

Corbo was a human male who lived on the planet Haidoral Prime. In 3 ABY, he signed up to the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, with the planets Imperial governor, Everi Chalis, also defecting. As Chalis had caused the death of his felinx, Corbo attempted to visit her at her holding cell, holding a galley knife but was urged away by a technician and confronted after by First Sergeant Hazram Namir. Corbo explained himself to the first sergeant, who decided to post a guard in front of Chalis's cell.

Corbo claimed twelve confirmed kills in the Coyerti campaign. When Twilight Company took refuge on the Ankhural, Corbo and some others considered deserting, a matter which was brought to Namir's attention. Corbo served with the company on the warehouse world Mardona III, where he was the only survivor of his squad after an Imperial vehicle attacked them. He was also present for the Siege of Inyusu Tor, where he checked with Namir that fighting the Imperial forces was beneficial to the Sullustans in the nearby city.


Joining the AllianceEdit

"She killed my felinx."
"I don't know what that is."
"Pet. Doesn't matter. Governor thought too many were turning feral, making the city look bad."
―Corbo and Hazram Namir — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Corbo lived on the Mid Rim world Haidoral Prime, where he owned is own pet felinx. During her time as the Imperial governor of the planet, Everi Chalis decided that the felinx there were going feral, resulting in the death of Corbo's.[1]

In 3 ABY,[2] the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry—better known as Twilight Company—attacked Haidoral Prime and the planets capital, Haidoral Administrative Center One. On its final day on the world, they company set up an open recruit to bolster their numbers, where Corbo and twenty-seven others signed up to join. Chalis herself defected to the rebels as well, fearing punishment from the Empire's higher-ups in the wake Twilight Company's attack on Haidoral Prime. When they left with the company on their CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike, Chalis was held in a make-shift brig. After the company left the planet, First Sergeant Hazram Namir began training Corbo and the other eighteen combat-able recruits on how to use a DLT-20A blaster rifle. He also briefed them on Alliance training that he believed they did not need to know.[1]

Potential deserterEdit

"I wasn't going to do anything, I don't think. I just wanted to see her. I'll leave the company, if that's what you need."
"Can I trust you not to do it again?"
"I don't know."
―Corbo and Hazram Namir[src]

Chalis' presence on the Thunderstrike became unpopular with many soldiers aboard, and Corbo went to the brig with a galley knife, remembering what the governor had done to his felinx. A technician, though, urged him safely away and Namir confronted him about the incident in private. Corbo explained the death of his felinx the first sergeant, claiming that it was something he could not forgive. The recruit then offered to leave the company and Namir asked whether he would go to the brig with a knife again. After Corbo stated that did not know, the first sergeant decided to put a guard in front of the brig.[1]

A short while later, Corbo fought in a campaign with Twilight Company on the jungle planet Coyerti, where the natives vulnerable to the Empire's local forces during their breeding season. Corbo made half a dozen confirmed kills, which was listed in a post-combat report which Namir reviewed following the campaign.[1]

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Twilight Company took refuge on the planet Ankhural with the company's two capital ships receiving repairs. Fearing obliteration by the Empire, Corbo and a few other soldiers considered abandoning the company. When Roach, another recruit from Haidoral Prime, heard of this, she informed Namir. The first sergeant brought the issue to a meeting with the senior members of Twilight Company, where he suggested splitting the potential deserters into different crews. Namir also decided to call in a favor which Corbo owed him to help the situation.[1]

Ambush on Mardona IIIEdit

"You're sure that the others were killed? Not captured?"
"Get some rest. We'll avenge them."
―Hazram Namir and Corbo[src]

A short while later, the Twilight Company began Operation Ringbreaker, a campaign which targeted Imperial installations along the Rimma Trade Route to draw forces from the Kuat Drive Yards for a projected attack on the shipyards. The first target was the warehouse world Mardona III, where Corbo took on minelaying missions as a part of a squad led by Sergeant Pol Andrissus, known as Charmer. On the forth day on Mardona III, however, Charmer's squad was ambushed by an Imperial repulsor vehicle armed with stun weapons and flamethrowers. Charmer ordered his three comrades to run before being incinerated by the vehicle. Corbo's two remaining squadmates were too killed and he was injured getting away.[1]

After returning to Twilight Company's fallback position, Corbo was tended to in the company's make-shift hospital, his arms being wrapped in bandages. Namir questioned him about the attack, and Corbo recalled the attack on his squad in a shaken manner. The first sergeant, assumed to be the new captain of the company by other members, asked if the others had really been killed and not just captured, which Corbo confirmed. Namir told the soldier to get rest, promising to avenge his squad. That night, the first sergeant and other friends of Charmer attacked the Imperial vehicle, killing the crew and bringing the vehicle down.[1]

Fighting for SullustEdit

"The city under the mountain is in lockdown. Every stormtrooper out here is one who's not rounding up the locals."
"Good. That's what I signed up for."
―Hazram Namir and Corbo[src]

Twilight Company attacked several more Imperial holdouts before travelling to the manufacturing planet Sullust. After liberating the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility, the company attempted to leave aboard its CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike. The corvette, however, was ambushed and shot down by a squadron of TIE fighters, leaving the troops stranded on the ground. Twilight Company then fortified at the Inyusu Tor facility, which was attacked by the local Imperial forces, backed by[1] the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[3] Herald.[1]

While the company fended off the slowly approaching enemy ground forces, Corbo asked Namir if they were really fighting for the Sullustans. Namir assured him the siege by the Imperial garrison took pressure off Sullust's capital, Pinyumb, which had been locked down upon Twilight Company's arrival. Corbo was pleased at this, remarking that it was what he had signed up for. Following an internal power surge from ion bombs, the Herald was forced to retreat, leaving Twilight Company to defeat the rapidly dwindling Imperial ground forces which were subsequently defeated.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Some of the guys are talking about leaving. […] Corbo, and the other Haidoral meat. Plus some of Fektrin's old squad. They still want to fight. Just—"
"They don't want to sit around waiting to be bombed."
―Roach and Hazram Namir[src]

After Everi Chalis had his felinx killed, Corbo held a grudge for it. When he had the chance, he took a knife to her, but did not resist when a technician intervened. During Hazram Namir's subsequent intervention with Corbo, the latter balled and unballed his fists and tried telling Namir he would leave Twilight Company if it was what the first sergeant desired. When asked if he would try to visit Chalis again, Corbo said that he did not know and agreed that it was fair for a guard to be posted at the governor's make-shift brig.[1]

During his time on Ankhural, Corbo feared that the Empire would destroy the company and, among others, considered deserting, although he ultimately stayed. After his squad was killed by an Imperial vehicle on Mardona III, he recalled the event in a manner of horror. During the fighting on Sullust, Corbo was sure to check with Namir if Twilight Company was benefiting the Sullustans, claiming that he had signed up for that cause.[1]

Corbo was a male human. He was short and muscular with a distinctive red birthmark looming over half of his face.[1]


"Find a friend to take you to the weapons range, learn how to use a DLT-20A."
―Hazram Namir advises Corbo and the other recruits[src]

Corbo brought a galley knife with him when attempting to confront Chalis. He and his team planted ion mines during their time on Mardona III.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Corbo appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, which was written by Alexander Freed.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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