"It's what I can't forgive."

Corbo was a human male from Haidoral Prime. In 3 ABY, he signed up to the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry. There he was involved in an incident where he took a gallery knife to one of their guests. Corbo claimed twelve confirmed kills in the Coyerti campaign. When Twilight Company was stranded on Ankhural, Corbo considered deserting until Hazram Namir intervened. Corbo later fought on Mardona III where he was the only survivor of his squad after an Imperial vehicle attacked them. He was also present for the Siege of Inyusu Tor.


Early lifeEdit

Corbo lived on Haidoral Prime. At some point, its governor, Everi Chalis, decided that the Felinx there were going feral and had Corbo's killed. Corbo held a grudge for this since.[1]

Joining the AllianceEdit

"Any special reason you wanted to see her?"
"She killed my felinx."
―Hazram Namir questions Corbo[src]

In 3 ABY, the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry—better known as Twilight Company—attacked Haidoral Prime and its capital, Haidoral Administrative Center One. After defeating the local forces, they set up an open recruit to bolster their numbers. To his despise, Chalis defected to the rebels as well. When they left with the company on their CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike, Chalis was put into a make-shift brig. Not long after leaving Haidoral Prime, Sergeant Hazram Namir began training Corbo and the other eighteen combat-able recruits on how to use a DLT-20A blaster rifle. He also briefed them on Alliance training that they did not need to know.[1]

Chalis' presence on the Thunderstrike was increasingly unpopular with the soldiers. Corbo was the first to act on it. He went to the brig with a gallery knife in his hands. A technician, though, urged him safely away and Namir confronted him about the incident. Corbo explained himself and Namir decided to put a guard in front of the brig. Corbo's first campaign with Twilight Company was on Coyerti where he wracked up half a dozen confirmed kills.[1]

Staying for the causeEdit

"The city under the mountain is in lockdown. Every stormtrooper out here is one who's not rounding up the locals."
"Good. That's what I signed up for."
―Namir and Corbo discuss their intentions for the Sullustans[src]

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth the Twilight Company found themselves stranded on Ankhural with their ship the Thunderstrike badly damaged. Fearing obliteration by the Empire, Corbo and a few other soldiers considered deserting. Another soldier, Roach, informed Namir of this and, because Corbo owed him a favor, he decided to have him break the group up. A short while later, the Twilight Company began Operation Ringbreaker. Corbo took part in the attack on their first target Mardona III. Just a few days in his squad was ambushed by an Imperial vehicle. Their leader, Sergeant Pol Andrissus sacrificed himself to try and save the others. Regardless of that, the other two soldiers were also killed and Corbo was the only survivor. He was wrapped in bandages and Namir questioned him about the attack.[1]

Twilight Company attacked several more Imperial holdouts before its fateful visit to Sullust. After liberating the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility, the company attempted to leave on the Thunderstrike. The Corvette, however, was ambushed and shot down by a squadron of TIE fighters. Twilight Company then held out at the factory and were attacked by the responding local Imperial forces, backed by the Imperial Star Destroyer Herald. While they fended off the slowly approaching ground forces, Corbo asked Namir if they were really fighting for the Sullustans. Namir assured him it took less pressure off Sullust's capital, Pinyumb, where roundups had begun the day before. Following an internal detonation, the Herald was forced to retreat, leaving Twilight Company with the rapidly dwindling ground forces. They were subsequently victorious and the Empire was defeated.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I wasn't going to do anything, I don't think. I just wanted to see her. I'll leave the company, if that's what you need."
―Corbo stresses out in front of Hazram Namir[src]

After Everi Chalis had his felinx killed, Corbo held a grudge for it and when having the chance, he took a knife to her holding area. Hazram Namir's intervention stressed Corbo. During their conversation he balled and unballed his fists and tried to change his words, telling Namir he would leave Twilight Company if he had to. Corbo had joined Twilight Company with the intention that it would benefit the oppressed. He was sure to check if they were helping the Sullustans when fighting on Sullust.[1]

Corbo was a male Human. He was short and muscular with a large birthmark on his face.[1]


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