"[...] Corbos was desirable only to those who didn't have any other place to go."
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Corbos was an Outer Rim planet near the Yavin system which was rich in ores. It had "Black Rain Seasons" which saw whole sections of the planet become uninhabitable due to massive thunderstorms.

History[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Corbos.

In 6900 BBY it was the site of the Battle of Corbos, the end of the Hundred-Year Darkness. The Dark Jedi lost this battle and abandoned their Force-mutated Leviathans. In the succeeding millennia, every few centuries a group of colonists would attempt to settle Corbos, each time being wiped out by Leviathans, leaving their disappearance a mystery to the galaxy.

In 12 ABY an experimental mining colony of 793 miners and their families established Corbos Mining City, but were also wiped out by Leviathans. In turn, a group of Jedi (Kyp Durron, Dorsk 82, Streen, and Kirana Ti) arrived on the world and put an end to their menace.

Several archaeological teams visited the planet in the following years, but they didn't report any Leviathans. Some of the creatures may have survived underground, but there was no proof. Regardless, colonists and miners continued to avoid the planet.[2]

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