The Core Envoy was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer[2] built by Kuat Drive Yards[1] and used by the Galactic Empire during the early years of the organizations reign. Five years after the Empire's establishment, the Star Destroyer was assigned to the Imperial facility known as Sentinel Base, where the construction of the Death Star was taking place under the command of Governor Wilhuff Tarkin. When the facility was attacked by a rebel cell, the Core Envoy and most of the other capital ships were not present at the base, as they were escorting supply starships to the planet Geonosis to collect construction materials. Tarkin was therefore forced to use the Venator-class Star Destroyer Electrum to defend the base instead.[2] As an Imperial-class, the Core Envoy was armed with sixty turbolaser emplacements, sixty heavy ion cannon emplacements and ten tractor beam projectors. It measured 1,600 meters in length and carried a complement of TIE line starfighters.[5]

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The Core Envoy was first mentioned in the 2014 James Luceno novel Tarkin.


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