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The Core Faction was one of the two major factions of senators and representatives in the Galactic Senate during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Most were Human, and astrographically most came from the Core Worlds. In terms of policy, they advocated increasing or at least maintaining the authority and powers of the Republic government. For at least the last few years of his service in the Senate, Bail Antilles was their leader.

Finis Valorum was their candidate for Supreme Chancellor in the 40 and 36 BBY elections, and Antilles was their candidate in the 32 BBY election.

Antilles' failure in the election was believed to be the reason he resigned from the Senate. His successor as faction leader was unknown, but they became Palpatine's prime seat of power, becoming the Senate's central power during the Separatist Crisis, Clone Wars, and Imperial Senate.

The Core Faction was opposed by the Rim faction.




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