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"Attack those Federation starships, quickly!"
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, during the Battle of Geonosis[src]

Core ships were modified Lucrehulk-class Battleship central spheres that were used by the Trade Federation for planetary landings during the Clone Wars. Equipped with both land and air defenses, those autonomous spheres were 696 meters in diameter.[2]


Core ships were huge Trade Federation command vessels modified from the Lucrehulk-class Battleships of the Federation. A core ship's central diameter came to 696 meters, or 2,283 feet, and the vessel possessed landing legs which retracted into the hull during travel in space. Towards the top of the ship was a command tower and a sensor antenna. They could carry vast numbers of B1 battle droids and were often used to host leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[3]


Lucrehulk-class Core Ships

Core ships on Geonosis, prior to the Battle of Geonosis.

Several core ships were present on Geonosis prior to and during the Battle of Geonosis.[4] Skytop Station was a core ship converted to serve as a listening post.[1] In 19 BBY, a modified core ship served as the venue for a meeting between the Separatist Council and General Grievous on Utapau, shortly before Grievous' final duel with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[5]

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