Corellia StarDrive was a successful, if short-lived, starship manufacturer. The company was founded by a former Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) executive one millennium before the outbreak of the Great Sith War. Corellia StarDrive was well known for both its civilian and military vehicles; many warships of the Republic Navy were designed by the company around 4000 BBY. This supremacy would not last long; the whole of the company's senior design team was killed in a freak shuttle crash. Corellia StarDrive never fully recovered from the loss and was subsequently bought by CEC. It was the parent company of Akin-Dower.

During the Galactic War, the Sith Empire invaded Corellia. In this time, Corellia StarDrive used its corporate finances to fund the rebellion against the Sith. As a result, the Empire destroyed their headquarters in order to deal a crippling blow on the company.

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