This article is about the Corellian/Aqualish war, which happened c. 4000 BBY. You may be looking for the Aqualish–Corellian War, which happened c. 15,000 BBY.

The Corellian/Aqualish war was a minor conflict that occurred in the Trans-Nebular sector around four-thousand years before the Galactic Civil War.


Around four millennia before the Battle of Yavin, Corellian colonies were founded in the Trans-Nebular Sector, which was ruled at the time by Governor Matri Bey. They formed a loose coalition known as the Corellian bloc. At the same time, a group known as Aqualish Barralenal left their homeworld of Ando and founded colonies in the sector themselves. Both groups were very expansionistic and soon came into conflict.[1]


As the two sides engaged in several border skirmishes, Governor Bey tried to stop the growing conflict. However, she was a bureaucrat and not a great politician, so her attempts came too late and proved fruitless. Soon the conflict escalated into an all-out war.[1]

Other inhabited systems were forced to chose a side in the war or tried to keep a low profile, hoping not be drawn into the fighting. An exception was the planet of Goroth Prime: Situated at an advantageous position for both sides, the government under Rel'Kan J'Kek made great profits by selling concessions and mining rights. However as the war dragged on, the Gorothites got more greedy. Since neither side could afford an occupation nor losing it to the other side, one side decided to destroy the planet by hurling five asteroids into it.[1]

The Jedi Order did not intervene in this conflict, since they were occupied with the Great Sith War.[1][2]


The ultimate outcome of the war as well as the war itself were considered by the rest of the galaxy as nothing but a minor border skirmish and soon forgotten. The planet of Goroth was considered devastated and void of all life, until its civilization was re-discovered by the Galactic Empire several thousand years later.[1]


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