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"You know, the Imps on Coruscant used to call two Corellians together a conspiracy. Three they'd call a fight."
"More fools they, then. Any Corellian knows three of us together is a victory."
―Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn[2]

Corellian was a term that referred to inhabitants of the Corellian system, such as the Human natives of the planet Corellia. The Drall Ebrihim, who was raised on the Corellian system planet Drall, was a Corellian who looked after the children of the Human Corellian Han Solo, a smuggler–turned–New Republic agent.[1] The Human Kaj Nedmak, who hailed from Drall, was also a Corellian smuggler.[3]


Society and culture[]


"Corellians have rocket fuel for blood."
―A saying[src]

There were a number of traits that were commonly seen within the average human of Corellian descent that they tended to hide beneath a veil of self-centeredness and disinterest. Prime among their personality traits was the fact that they tended to be independent minded yet daring, pragmatic and reckless in their actions. This was to such an extent that an old saying claimed that they had rocket fuel for blood.[4] This isolationism also made Corellia well-known as being a rebel world, rising up against every Galactic government or seeking independence from the Galactic Republic and its successors several times.[5]. One such materialization of dissidence was the Corellian Resistance against the Galactic Empire, which became one of the forerunners of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[6]

Corellians were often considered intrepid and maverick by other Core peoples, spawning expressions warning against telling a Corellian the odds for success; for a Corellian, beating the odds is always a reward in itself. This sense of immortality was visible in the common Corellian tradition of cremating the dead and compressing their ash into synthetic diamonds with artificial gravity generators. Corellians also dealt justice to those that committed the most heinous acts with a death penalty.

Corellians were sentimental folk, and when separated from their homeworld became sentimental at the sight of Corellian treats like the sweet ryshcate pastry or a bottle of the woody, potable Whyren's Reserve. There was a Corellian sect known as the Ensterites, who forbade marriage with anyone from outside the Corellian system. Marrying someone from outside the Corellian system would result in being shunned by one's fellow Ensterites. It was a Corellian custom for husbands-to-be to have large bachelor parties with their friends.

Consequences of their character[]

"Oi-Ever meet a Corellian with a fast ship that didn't tell you about it? Neither have I. At least they know how to have a good time!"
Paxton Rall[7]

Such traits meant that they were typically noted for holding great instincts and reflexes which allowed them to become adept at piloting as well as exploring. Beyond their role as pilots, Corellians tended to be well known for their engineering talents and were skilled innovators. They had the ability to adapt starship systems to their needs and customized vessels to their own personal specifications. Such a trait was a reason why the Corellian shipyards was amongst the finest in the galaxy and considered the birthplace for innovation. Another aspect of their society was the fact that they were known for their large variety of alcohol and mixed drinks.[4]

Valued social concepts[]

Corran Horn and Crix Madine, Rebellion heroes from Corellia

In their society, the most valued concept was considered family ties with loyalty being a prime factor among Corellians. This led to a great number of traditions and occasions to observe ranging from simple family meetings to more important events such as the ascension of a Corellian Force-sensitive to the rank of Jedi Master. Such a facet of Corellian culture made it a curious oddity to some sociologists due to the fact that their society produced a large number of smugglers and pirates yet still revered family loyalties.[4] Though Corellian spacers were spread across the galaxy, their culture did have an isolationist streak. Some Corellian sects refused to marry non-Corellians, or "eksters." If members of these sects did marry non-Corellians, they would be banished from their family.[8]

Corellians considered it most dishonorable to involve innocent family members in a quarrel held with one family member. Conversely, great courage was seen as highly honorable, deserving of outward recognition through traditions such as the Corellian Bloodstripe. The color green also seemed to hold special meaning, as it was considered the traditional coloration for wedding gowns,[9][10] Jedi robes,[11] and CorSec markings.[12]

Military influence[]

Corellians had a strong military tradition. Many Corellians served in the Corellian Security Force (better known as CorSec),[12] or in galactic-level military organizations such as the Republic Navy, Imperial Navy, Rebel Alliance Navy, New Republic Defense Fleet and the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet. For Corellians, the highest military honor was the Corellian Bloodstripe.[10] Some in the military tended to wear these red pipings on the side of their trousers and distinguished the wearer as a person who committed great heroic acts.[4]

Amongst Corellians, the primary language used was Basic though the use of Old Corellian was still retained in later generations by pirates and smugglers.[4]


"The only native Corellian onboard the Millennium Falcon was a Drall. He'd direct the ship to the place he knew best, where he could keep the children safest."
―Leia Organa Solo to Mara Jade, during the Corellian Crisis[1]

The Drall species was native to the planet of the same name in the Corellian system. The Corellian Drall Ebrihim was raised on the world by his aunt, Marcha, who served as the Duchess of Mastigophorous.[1]


"I'm a Corellian, and we Corellians gave up hugging strangers four centuries ago."
―Han Solo[src]

Decorated Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles

The Corellian people were greatly tied to the Corellia system before the beginning of recorded history. Much of their history was seemingly unknown; with some claiming that they were among the first Human societies responsible for creating the hyperdrive whilst others believed that they had in fact gained the technology from a wandering alien race.[4] In reality, the tri-species inhabitants of the Corellian system were once slaves to the Infinite Empire until its collapse. During 25,000 BBY, Corellian scientists had perfected the Rakata hyperdrive by creating components that worked around the Force attuned technology. This technology allowed worlds such as Alderaan, Corellia, Coruscant and Duro to be linked with one another.[13] The booming Corellian civilization was notable for being one of the founding members of the Galactic Republic. Access to the hyperdrive allowed Corellian scouts to travel and explore the galaxy leading to the creation of the Corellian Treaty that identified areas of exploration and colonization.[4]

Perhaps due to their early involvement with space travel, they were well known for their skills as pilots, scouts, and shipbuilders. Corellian spacers were often stereotyped as brash risk-takers, and were often said to have "rocket fuel for blood."[14] This stereotype had a ring of truth, as many well-known pirates, smugglers and gamblers were Corellians.[source?] Ten thousand years before the Rise of the Empire era, Corellian traders discovered New Plympto and its Nosaurian natives. These inhabitants were treated as a client race similar to the Frozians and Altawar Corragut. During this time, Corellian cartels made a great deal of profit by exporting the addictive Ji rikknit.[4]

The Second Galactic Civil War which started in 40 ABY created an upsurge of anti-Corellian feeling even amongst their fellow Humans. On Coruscant, Corellians were regarded with suspicion by their fellow citizens as a result of terrorist attacks–a bombing and a water supply poisoning–which were pinned on the Corellians. Many were interred by the newly created Galactic Alliance Guard, led by Jacen Solo, including those who had fought for the Galactic Alliance and its predecessors. In response, several worlds seceded from the Galactic Alliance, particularly Commenor and Bothawui, to form the Confederation.[15][16]


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