The Corellian Council was a government body on Corellia. This elected governing body represented the planet's major population districts and was led by a prime minister, who was ultimately chosen by a Council vote. However, when the Council aligned itself with the reconstituted Sith Empire in 3641 BBY, some of its members earned lifetime appointments to their posts, others believing they'd be saving their people.[1] When the Galactic Republic initiated a counterattack, Councilor Belos, who originally supported Corellia's defection, secretly aided the Republic up until their forces reached Capitol Square. The Council holed up in the Legislature with Darth Hadra of the Dark Council protecting them, providing information on the building's defenses to give the Empire an edge. After Hadra was killed, CorSec declared their right to arrest the Council for treason with the support of the Republic. The Council's arrest forced the Empire to rely on old tactics, enabling the Republic to retake Corellia. Eventually, Corellia would again be ruled by a monarch.

The Council would later reappear after the Royal House of Solo was overthrown in 150 BBY and replaced by a Diktat. The Council was comprised of several corporate officials, as well as representatives from Corellia's largest cities. It was the Council that chose a new Diktat every twenty years. If the ruling Diktat was incapacitated, the Council would chose a replacement, the Protat, to finish out the term. The Council could also vote out the Diktat at any time.



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