The Corellian Crisis, alternatively known as the Corellian Insurrection, the Corellian Incident, the Centerpoint Station crisis, and the Starbuster Plot, was the period in 18 ABY when the Sacorrian Triad attempted to seize control of the Corellian sector, secede from the New Republic and force the galaxy under their will. A series of insurrections throughout the Five BrothersCorellia, Selonia, Drall and the Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus—and a superweapon in Centerpoint Station would allow the Triad to carve out their own miniature empire.


Corellia and her four sister worlds had once been a vibrant display of multicultural Core Worlds ideals. Corellia itself maintained a major role in the foundations of the Rebel Alliance thanks to the actions of those such as Garm Bel Iblis, Han Solo, and Wedge Antilles, and was famous throughout the galaxy for the system's shipyards and the Corellian Engineering Corporation. However, after the Battle of Endor, the Corellian system began to quake under the pressure of change.

Six months following the death of Emperor Palpatine, Imperial Grand Admiral's Danetta Pitta and Josef Grunger both had their eyes on Corellia. Pitta had bribed the Diktat, a 'traditional' Corellian leader instituted by the Emperor, to his side, and thus the two greedy warlords met in a massive clash above Tralus—which ironically annihilated both of them, including Pitta's Torpedo Sphere and Grunger's Star Dreadnought Aggressor. Their conflict put Corellia on the slow plunge of change, and after two Diktats, Corellia fell into the hands of the New Republic. Corellia became isolated from the rest of the galaxy, its two lucrative trade routes drew in far less income and businesses located elsewhere. The populace lost its fire, and the Sacorrian Triad took advantage of the situation, funding resistance groups throughout the Five Brothers such as the Human League on Corellia, led by Thrackan Sal-Solo—cousin of Han Solo. During this time, the Triad had also managed to draw together a sizable fleet.

Corellia was represented by the New Republic Senate by only one member, to the protests of some of the native Drall and Selonians. By 18 ABY, the Corellian Sector was governed by Frozian Governor-General Micamberlecto, but was seen by the natives as little more than an ineffectual figurehead. While the dust of the defeated Empire settled, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo announced a major trade conference on Corellia, the President of the Senate determined to bring Corellia back to its previous state. However, sinister forces were at work, and Organa Solo and her family were headed just where the Triad wanted her.

New Republic Intelligence Service remained wary of Corellia, maintaining that the situation at Corellia was unstable. Lieutenant Belindi Kalenda attempted to explicitly warn Han Solo and Chewbacca not to travel to Corellia—or at least not take his children. Untrusting, Solo refused to take her advice, seeing the trip as a family holiday. A few days later, the Millennium Falcon departed, carrying the Chief of State, Solo, Chewbacca, and the children — Jacen, Jaina and the youngest, Anakin Solo.

Agent Kalenda arrived at Corellia prior to the Solo's—and was abruptly shot down by Public Safety Service ships. Kalenda barely survived the crash, and was determined to reach Coronet before Organa Solo arrived. Pharnis Gleasry, Human League agent, watched the Falcon take off, Organa Solo hanging a new lightsaber to her belt, as a gift from her brother, Luke Skywalker.

Summit and interdiction[]

The Millennium Falcon arrived in the Corellian system relatively peacefully, despite an altercation with a group of "Uglies" and automated Public Safety Service ships. The Solo family decide to settle in with Governor-General Micamberlecto, and hired a Drall tutor, Ebrihim, as well as his droid, Q9-X2 to watch over their children. Meanwhile, Mara Jade, on her way to the trade summit herself, received a timed message addressed to the Chief of State near Talfaglio.


Learning the planet was nearing total economic collapse, Captain Solo's trip through Coronet ended with him being left beaten on the Governor General's doorstep. Ebrihim took the family on a tour of an 'archaeological dig' in which Anakin Solo located a massive underground installation.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker, who was off assisting Lando Calrissian on a 'wife hunt', ironically landed in the Outlier Worlds of the Corellian sector—at Sacorria. Despite Calrissian meeting Tendra Risant, the Triad chased the duo and their droids off the planet—much to their confusion.

The Chief of State's trade summit began, but, much to her disappointment, it lacked a sizable portion of delegates—many of them had been scared off by the PSS or the current Corellian situation. Solo then met up with Lt. Kalenda, the two both realizing that the situation was only getting worse. Mara Jade gave Organa Solo a message—a holocube, showing a circle of stars with affixed dates, and an image of one star's destruction—in other words, time was ticking and a halo of stars were going to explode if the President did not do what the messenger said.

Punctually, the leader of the mysterious Human League and the other rebel groups—the Overden on Selonia, the Drallists on Drall and the Federation of the Double Worlds for Talus and Tralus—made their move. Chaos ruled the streets as race riots broke out. Coronet House, Micamberlecto's residence, lost all communications. Finally, the Human League bombed Coronet House in a raid that destroyed the Governor-General's residence. Han and Leia ordered Chewbacca and the Drall to take the children away, the Falcon hotly pursued by Human League and PSS starfighters.

However, in a move not predicted by the Sacorrian Triad, Thrackan Sal-Solo, the "Hidden Leader" of the Human League, declared himself Diktat of the Corellian System and declared the system's secession from the New Republic. He also used Centerpoint's power to jam all system-wide communications, and demanded that all nonhuman races are to leave the system within a month, or he would vaporize a wide variety of New Republic planets. This would become known as the Starbuster Plot.

Han Solo sneaked the message to Lt. Kalenda, and aided her to escape the system just before a massive system-wide interdiction field rose. However, Han was captured by Human League thugs in the process. Kalenda escaped. Skywalker and Calrissian, on their way to Corellia themselves, were locked out. The Chief of State was trapped in the ruins of Coronet House and the Republic was in awe of the massive interdiction field—and with the fleet mostly in drydock and unable to jump in, help was not on the way.

Call for help[]

Vessels of the Bakuran War Fleet.

Luke and Lando arrived back at Coruscant and were immediately shuttled to an NRI safehouse by Captain Showolter. The two met with Mon Mothma and Admiral Gial Ackbar, both of whom discussing that the New Republic was amassing a strike force. Unfortunately, due to fleet disposition and the lull in Imperial activity, the fleet was mostly in drydock. Mothma however, knew where the Republic could obtain a fleet capable of bypassing the interdiction field—Bakura. In addition to this news, Nosaurian and Corellian sector world New Plympto also announced their secession from the New Republic, becoming a hive of activity for the newly formed Diversity Alliance.

Gaeriel Captison, one of Skywalker's long lost loves, and the former Prime Minister of Bakura, conceded and convinced the Bakuran Senate that the Jedi Knight could borrow their four-ship fleet, designed to defend against Ssi-ruuvi attacks. The four warships—light cruiser Intruder and Bakura-class destroyers Sentinel, Defender and Watchkeeper—were all equipped with HIMS technology. HIMS created a 'bubble' in hyperspace that would allow the momentum in hyperspace to be sustained through an interdiction field. Commanded by Admiral Hortel Ossilege, the fleet set out for Corellia.

Diversions and explosions[]

In the havoc-ridden Corellian system, Han Solo was imprisoned with the Selonian Dracmus, and forced to fight the female Selonian for his cousin Thrackan's amusement. Fortunately, the two managed to escape to Selonia, hoping to convince the Overden to change their minds.

Meanwhile in the Corellian capitol, the Chief of State, trapped with the dead Governor-General, plotted with fellow prisoner and suspect Mara Jade to escape Coronet House. With the help of Jade's ship, Jade's Fire and their own ingenious plan, the two successfully decided to retreat to Selonia, hoping her children were safe with Chewbacca.

Chewbacca and Ebrihim arrived on Drall and hid with his Aunt Marcha, a noble of some sort on the planet. Trying to put a positive spin on it, Ebrihim learned of an archaeological dig on the planet—mysteriously, like every other planet in the system. Investigating, the children discovered a massive repulsor—one capable of propelling a planet. It became increasingly clear to the Drall team that there were sinister forces at work.

During this time, the Bakuran fleet arrived, with the Watchkeeper sustaining some damage in the interdiction field. Three days out from Corellia, they decided to launch a diversion by attacking the Triad at Selonia. As the assault force attacked under Admiral Ossilege's wise leadership, battering countless Triad starfighters, Selonia fired its own planetary repulsor—snapping the Watchkeeper in half. Realizing that the entire system was under the control of an unknown force, the horrified Bakurans retreated further back into the Corellian system.

The Watchkeeper is flattened by Selonia's repulsor.

Thanta Zilbra was a small world located far out of reach of Corellia. Following Belindi Kalenda's report of the starbuster plot to Admiral Ackbar, General Wedge Antilles was deployed to the planet to coordinate a planetary evacuation. Only a very small percent of the hundreds of thousands of citizens of the small world were evacuated, as many did not believe the Republic's claim. Centerpoint Station then emitted a huge blast, completely annihilating the planet while the horrified Republic could only watch. The threat was serious now, and the Republic was desperate to bring the Insurrection to an end. Worse yet was the Starbuster's next target, a planet with millions of inhabitants.


Centerpoint Station.

If anything was the key to the Sacorrian Triad's conspiracy, it was Centerpoint Station. The Bakurans and their allies realized that Centerpoint Station was worth investigating as a possible headquarters or cause of the Starbuster or insurrectionists. Now three vessels and a wreck strong, Ossilege's fleet finally approached the station. Skywalker, Calrissian, Kalenda, Gaeriel and R2-D2 and C-3PO boarded the station, running into the only inhabitant of the station at present—Jenica Sonsen. Sonsen was not aware of the Starbuster plot, only of the station's constant flares. These 'flares' had decimated the station's population, and Calrissian put two and two together—the Station was the Starbuster. And it was about to go off.

On Drall, Anakin Solo managed to find the control center for the Drall repulsor, until a Human League team arrived to arrest them. The children, Ebrihim, Marcha and Chewbacca were imprisoned in a cell, Thrackan personally coming to take care of them and give Leia Organa Solo a special message.

On Selonia, the situation was just as grim, with Leia, Mara and Han attempting to convince the Selonians to change their mind—and they too were imprisoned for a short time. Sinisterly, Thrackan dropped the jamming field long enough to show Organa Solo a hologram of him with her children in custody—to the immense outrage of the Selonians. The Overden immediately released the three as Luke Skywalker arrived, the group planning a course of action.

Q9-X2, the heavily modified droid of Ebrihim's, worked on his own initiative to drop the energy field holding the children in place. The three youngsters boarded the Millennium Falcon and managed to remarkably, hold Sal-Solo off long enough for the Bakuran fleet to rescue the children and capture the self-proclaimed Diktat. The Bakuran team seized the Drall repulsor, as the Heroes of Yavin decided that the repulsors were the key to stopping the Starbuster. They believed the repulsors could deflect the weapon.

The Glowpoint and a Hollowtown devastated during the firing of Centerpoint's Starbuster.

The Sacorrian Triad had had enough. Some 80 warships, mainly robotic and including Robot ramships, arrived to defend Centerpoint Station. The Battle of Centerpoint Station began, and the three Bakuran warships put up a heavy defense as Anakin Solo frantically tried to get the Drall repulsor online. As the Bakurans were overwhelmed, Captison and Ossilege knew the Intruder had been overwhelmed and was doomed after it was hit by four robot ramships, critically injuring both Captison and Ossilege. Tragically, the two initiated a self-destruct, carving a huge hole in the Sacorrian fleet. As Centerpoint opened fire, the Drall repulsor activated just in time. The young Jedi Solo was successful, Centerpoint dramatically shutting down.

Minutes later, Ackbar arrived with a sizable Republic war fleet, and the Triad surrendered. Bovo Yagen, the targeted system with millions of inhabitants, had been rescued, and the rebel groups collapsed.


Despite the Republic's actions, many Corellians felt sympathetic to the cause of the Sacorrian Triad. And also despite Leia Organa Solo's brave actions throughout the crisis, the Senate entered a new phase of criticism for her letting the Insurrection get as far as it did, many seeking to oust her from her position. After the no-confidence votes during the Black Fleet Crisis and Almanian Uprising, Leia requested an indefinite leave of absence from the Presidency, and Calibop Ponc Gavrisom was elected as caretaker. Agent Belindi Kalenda would rapidly shoot through the ranks of the NRI following her role in the conspiracy.

Positively, Sal-Solo was thrown into Sacorria's infamous Dorthus Tal Prison for his crimes, and Marcha was elected the new Governor General of the Corellian sector. New Plympto would reluctantly rejoin the Republic, for fear of facing total economic ruin, but still remained highly anti-Human. Centerpoint Station was deemed permanently disabled, with scientists hypothesizing that Anakin Solo had an innate connection with the Corellian repulsor and Starbuster system. This would prove to be true in the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Many years later, the Corellian Crisis and Sal-Solo's establishment of the Centerpoint Party during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion would prove to be the unfortunate catalyst for the Second Galactic Civil War of 40 ABY, where the Galactic Alliance would be forced to strike Corellia to subdue yet another uprising, which caused the galactic scale war.


Anakin Solo at Centerpoint Station.


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