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The Corellian Defense Force or CDF was the quasi-military force that guarded the Corellian sector. It's headquarters were in orbit of Corellia.


In the centuries before the Clone Wars, the defense force built large warships to defend the sector against exterior threats. Like all big capital ships employed in the rich Core sectors, they were fitted with a limited-range hyperdrive so as not to be involved in aggressive military actions.[1]

When the Military Creation Act underwent discussion in the Galactic Senate, Corellia withdrew from active participation and enforced an isolationistic policy towards the rest of the galaxy. It forbid the usage of its military forces in any centralized Republic military.[2]

During the First Corellian Insurrection, most of the ground-based units of the CDF remained loyal to the New Republic, while the space forces largely served Thrackan Sal-Solo's Human League.

Prior to the Second Galactic Civil War, a secret Corellian fleet was constructed without the approval of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances in order to augment the existing Defense Forces.[3]


It had many branches as well as divisions, including the Corellian Defense Forces Space Service, and they were all focused on keeping the law in the sector. During the Second Galactic Civil War, it was a part of the Ministry of War under Minister of War Thrackan Sal-Solo. Its chief of staff and military head was Admiral Vara Karathas. General Wedge Antilles was also on the defense staff. It was based in the CDF Headquarters.

Corona Footwear Company was responsible for providing boots to the Corellian Defense Force.

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