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"You know us Corellian Jedi—notoriously contrary and bent on going our own way."
Corran Horn[src]

Corellian Jedi, or Green Jedi as they were known during the Cold War, were a reclusive sect of the Jedi Order serving the Corellian sector. Known for their distinctive customs and practices, the Corellian Jedi were highly independent and separate from the Order's central governing body, the Jedi High Council. Holding the well-being of Corellia over that of the Galactic Republic, the Corellian Jedi often butted heads with their traditional counterparts within the Order over how certain situations should be handled and where their duty lay.


Old Jedi Order[]

"A Corellian Jedi who leaves the system does so at his own peril."
―Corellian saying[src]

During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order recruited from the worlds of the Corellian sector, primarily Humans from Corellia itself. While these Force-sensitives were held to the same standard as any other Jedi, a time arose where a minor schism caused a large group of Corellian-born Jedi to return to their homeworld to establish a highly-fortified enclave within Coronet City to serve as a base for their operations. Taking missions only within their home sector, the Corellian Jedi were noted for their patriotism and wearing green robes in honor of the old Corellian flag.[1] Developing their own customs such as the passing on of Jedi Credits from master to apprentice and to friends when a Jedi was elevated in rank,[3] the Jedi High Council was highly suspicious of the group's operations and saw them as even bordering on heretical.[1]

Permitting marriages among their ranks, long legacies and bloodlines formed such as the Halcyon family which was noted for producing many powerful Jedi Masters. As their families were not strictly Forceful, the Corellian Jedi forged strong bonds with the Corellian Security Force and aided in the capture of local criminals and smugglers. Among the criminal underworld, the Corellian Jedi were known for a reputation of a cold, unerring sense of duty which did not often make them friendly or pleasant.[3]

Keiran Halcyon, a Corellian Jedi of the Galactic Republic

When the Cold War took hold of the galaxy in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War between the Republic and the Sith Empire, the Corellian Jedi retreated to Corellia and fortified themselves within the academy while the rest of the Order fled to Tython to regroup. When the Empire attempted to invade the planet at the start of the Galactic War, the Academy's Council bolstered the system's defenses and were able to rebuff the assault. Credited with holding off the initial assault, the enclave was eventually sacked and the Council and its leader, Master Arfan Ramos were slain and the threat of the Corellian Jedi eliminated.[1]

By the time of the New Sith Wars, the Corellian Jedi had reestablished themselves under the leadership of a Jedi Lord and were more independent than ever. As the High Council continued to bungle its efforts to stop the expansion of the New Sith and the destruction of the Republic, the Corellian Jedi held their sector and rebuffed any and all Sith encroachment. Despite their insular policies, when the Jedi Grand Council called for aid the Corellian Jedi Lords rallied their banners, swearing their fealty to Lord Hoth and the Army of Light. In a massive campaign on Ruusan, Lord Berethon of Corellia led his vassals and the Corellian Jedi against the Brotherhood of Darkness and emerged as the only Lord to survive aside from Lord Valenthyne Farfalla. Despite their heroics during the battle, the Corellian Jedi were not heralded as heroes by the High Council but turned away as dissidents and heretics. Disgusted with Coruscant politics, Berethon and his followers returned to Corellia where they would remain in near total isolation for generations.[2]

During the final decades of the Republic some Corellian Jedi were more amiable to working with the High Council. Indeed Master Thame Cerulian, a member of the Corellian Jedi, would go on to serve on the High Council and was considered very wise within the main Order.[5] When the Separatist Crisis threatened to tear the Republic asunder, the Corellian Jedi enacted Contemplanys Hermi to declare their belief that they owed Corellia their loyalty over the Republic. Despite this two dozen Jedi, including Nejaa Halcyon, reviewed the situation and decided to return to Coruscant and place their loyalties to the High Council over their devotion to Corellia.[6] In the end, the Republic and the Order were disbanded and the Galactic Empire rose to power with the enacting of a Great Jedi Purge to herald its reign. Hunting down the Jedi, Corellian Jedi were not safe from the Empire's reach and were largely decimated.[3]


The green uniform of the Corellian Jedi, as donned by Corran Horn.

Despite the Empire's attempts to wipe out all vestiges of the Order, some Corellian Jedi escaped the initial purge long enough to pass down their traditions to their children or apprentices. Despite Nejaa Halcyon's death in the Clone Wars his son, Valin Halcyon, survived to pass down a Jedi Credit to his son Corran Horn. When the Order was reestablished by Master Luke Skywalker, Horn found his way to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 where a holocron had been preserved and held many secrets many had believed forgotten.[3] While the Yuuzhan Vong War slowed down the growth of the Order, Horn was able to establish a new enclave on Corellia by 40 ABY and the training of Corellian Jedi resumed in full force.[4]

Although the First Corellian Insurrection in 18 ABY caused no schism in the Jedi Order, the effects of the Second Galactic Civil War on the Jedi were less clear. Several members of the Corellian government were distrustful of the Jedi, but the feeling was not universal, despite the fact that Grand Master Luke Skywalker and Master Horn both stated that the Jedi were to follow the Galactic Alliance over Corellia. The Corellian Jedi were moved to a safe house in Coronet City, the capital of Corellia, although there was no evidence that they would have been arrested if they had remained public.[4]

Horn was responsible for at least five young Corellians as Jedi in Coronet, as well as a number of non-Corellian Jedi and older native Corellian Jedi. Despite his support of the Alliance, Skywalker did not include any Corellian Jedi in missions against Corellia, not wanting to make them criminals against their homeworld. Although the non-native Corellian Jedi felt no compunction against serving the Alliance over Corellia, the native Corellian Jedi were distressed. Skywalker and Horn decided to move them offworld so they could be in a more neutral environment, even though they realized that separating the Initiates from their family without consulting either could have detrimental effects on both.[4]



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