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Corellian Merchants' Guild party

A celebration at a CMG guildhouse.

The Corellian Merchants' Guild, or CMG, was a galaxy-spanning private trade organization that provided monetary aid, information, contacts and starship maintenance and repair facilities for its members. Only native Corellians and the owners and crew of Corellian-made starships were eligible for membership.


Before the breakout of the Clone Wars, Corellia enacted Contemplanys Hermi resulting in Corellia's borders being sealed. With the borders sealed all interstellar trade vessels were ordered to drop their payloads in the Outlier systems. Afterwards the Corellian Merchants' Guild's transports would transfer the cargo to their proper destinations.

At this same time, all non-Corellian companies in the Corellian sector were allowed to continue operating as long as they abided by the shipping and travel restrictions. This often required businesses to purchase a CMG membership.

During the time of the Galactic Empire, it was viewed as a hotbed of sedition and anti-Imperial activities by the Empire, but because the CMG was deeply entrenched in galactic commerce, the Empire could not easily pass a law to declare the organization illegal.




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