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The Corellian Run was a super-hyperroute that ran throughout the various regions of the galaxy, starting at the planet Coruscant in the Core Worlds and ending at Naos and Lamaredd.[1] The hyperroute also passed through through the Hetzal and Ab Dalis systems.[9]


Created 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Corellian Run played a great role in making the Corellian system into an economic powerhouse. The route ran south-east from the planet Coruscant in the Core Worlds and ending at Naos and Lamaredd. Along its path, the Corellian Run intersected with the Hydian Way super-hyperroute, touching planets in every region of the galaxy, from the Core to the Outer Rim. As well as the Perlemian Trade Route, the Corellian Run formed the border of an area known as the Slice, which became the most populated and explored region of the galaxy. Spanning further out into the Outer Rim, parts of the Corellian Run crossed with other trade routes to form the Spice Triangle, a series of lanes popular among smugglers and free traders.[4]

The freighter Legacy Run was traveling along[9] the Corellian Run[10] when it was destroyed in the Great Hyperspace Disaster. At the time of the disaster,[9] in 232 BBY,[11] it was considered an old and well-established hyperlane, which was why Hedda Casset, the captain of the Legacy Run, was surprised to encounter an obstacle in the middle of the route, which should have been impossible. The obstacle was in fact a Nihil Stormship travelling a hyperspace Path, unique routes available only to the pirates. As the planet Ab Dalis was located further down the hyperlane, it was subjected to the first of the Emergences, fallout of the Great Disaster, one day later.[9]



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