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The Corellian Run was one of the largest hyperspace routes running through the galaxy, mapped between 25,000 BBY and 24,000 BBY. It contributed in making Corellia an economic superpower. Corellians held substantial power in the sectors around it.

When the Kyyr system supernova obsoleted the Ootmian Pabol in 4000 BBY, the spaceports along the Run overshadowed Nal Hutta, which thrived up until then.


With the Perlemian Trade Route, it formed The Slice region of the Galaxy which was explored and populated easier and faster than other parts.

The Outer Rim part of the Corellian Run consisted one of the three sides of the infamous Spice Triangle (with the Death Wind Corridor and the Triellus Trade Route).[1]


It began at Coruscant, going around the Deep Core while passing through Ixtlar, Wukkar, Kailor V, Xorth, Vuma, Leria Kerlsil, Perma, Lolnar, Rehemsa, the Sedratis system and Rydonni Prime, to reach Corellia, where the Corellian Trade Spine branched off. From Corellia, it proceeded to Tinnel IV, its final stop in the Core Worlds before it traversed the other major regions of the galaxy.[1]

In the Colonies it passed through Loronar, Byblos, Pencael IV and Havricus.[1]

In the Inner Rim it passed through Iseno, Denon (where it crossed with the Hydian Way) and Spirana.[1]

In the Expansion Region it passed through Rhommamool, Tlactehon, Allanteen Six, Gamor, Milagro and Thaere.[1]

In the Mid Rim it passed through New Cov, Doldur, Druckenwell, Kabray, Algara II, Andosha II, Mon Gazza, Herdessa and Radnor.[1]

In the Outer Rim it passed through Christophsis, Arkanis, Gorno, Dalchon, Ryloth, Wrea and Smuggler's Run. It ended near the distant Outer Rim worlds of Naos and Lamaredd.[1]

It also ran near Goorla in the Core Worlds, Bacrana in the Expansion Region and Monor, Paqwepor, Falleen, Leritor[5] and Habassa in the Mid Rim and also near Shimia in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

A branch of the Corellian Run, in its outer reaches, went near the Lamaro system. When the Outer Rim Oreworks Company settled Lamaredd, they took steps so that this ramification stopped being widely used.[6]



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