The Corellian Sanctuary was a small, domed building on Coruscant, built after the Seizure of Coruscant. It was created by exiled Corellians as a resting place for their dead, as hostility between the New Republic and the Diktat Daclif Gallamby meant the dead could not be returned to their native planet. The bodies of the deceased were cremated, and industrial-grade gravity generators used to compress the carbon residue into raw synthetic diamonds. The diamonds were brought to the Sanctuary and embedded into the black walls and ceiling to create a glittering series of constellations, as seen from Corellia.

By 40 ABY, following an attack on Coruscant by Corellian dissidents during the Second Galactic Civil War, the sanctuary was vandalized by citizens of Coruscant who stole many of the compressed diamonds, causing more Corellians to rebel against the Galactic Alliance. Many of the local Corellians attempted to clean up the Sanctuary, though they were never able to recover all of the diamonds. It was here that Ben Skywalker met Barit Saiy.



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