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"Come with me, please, I need to ask you a few questions."
―Unidentified CorSec Investigator[1]

The Corellian Security Force, commonly abbreviated CorSec, was the primary law enforcement agency on Corellia. It was briefly replaced between 7 ABY and c. 26 ABY by the Public Safety Service.


A CorSec major.

"We have our moments."
Corran Horn[2]

CorSec operated as the primary law enforcement agency for the planet Corellia. New recruits trained at the CorSec Academy, and it was headquartered at One CorSec Plaza.

Police officers could advance and attain the ranks of Master Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major. Officers could also advance to become CorSec Inspectors. CorSec was headed by a Director. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, it was common for the organization's divisions to be observed by a Imperial Liaison officer.

The Tactical Response Team was an elite paramilitary branch of CorSec, and it had its own Intelligence service. CorSec also had its own Smuggling Interdiction Division and Animal Control Division as well as a Special Operations Division. There was a false, but persistent, myth that all CorSec officers were given quotas of traffic tickets to hand out.

CorSec employed agents of many skills, including computer experts, technicians, commandos, security guards, diplomats and snipers. The agency was extremely efficient, and few criminals were able to operate for extended periods of time on Corellia before a CorSec agent would infiltrate the organization.

Undercover officers were allowed to participate in crimes against property, but could not aid in or even allow crimes against people. All undercover agents were told that they did not have to do anything they morally or philosophically objected to.

The most commonly known weapon used by CorSec were CDEF blaster pistols, CDEF rifles, CDEF carbines and blaster carbines.


Old Republic era[]

"No one expected the transition to be easy. But the Republic turned some minor resistance into an all-out war."
"The real Corellia rioted in the streets. CorSec launched full-scale attacks on the Empire. There was nothing minor about it."
―A member of the Corellian Council and Councilor Belos[3]

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Imperial forces invaded Corellia in 3640 BBY. CorSec forces supported the Republic and joined the Corellian resistance against the Imperials.[3]

Rise of the Empire and Galactic Civil War[]

"CorSec defends their sector from pirates, mostly. They try to stay neutral in the Galactic Civil War."
Trehla Keelo, to a spacer[src]

A CorSec investigator

The Corellian Security Force was an extremely self-sufficient organization, though during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Kirtan Loor was an Imperial Intelligence liaison with the organization. During that time the goals of CorSec matched those of the Empire, which included hunting down slicers, terrorists and Rebels. During the Great Jedi Purge, CorSec also aided Darth Vader and his agents in tracking down and hunting Jedi.

Prior to the Galactic Civil War, the CorSec managed to infiltrate an agent, Niksel Frangee, in Borvo the Hutt's criminal organization on Naboo. However, the agent was uncovered after the Battle of Yavin and assassinated. Borvo's bodyguard later lured CorSec Captain Thale Dustrunner and infiltrated his own agent in CorSec. Borvo's spy then murdered the CorSec agent Maerzen and the witness Aldalad on Corellia.[4]

During the Galactic Civil War, a large group of CorSec members deserted and chose a criminal lifestyle. Those Rogue CorSec established a base on an island and violently harassed loyal CorSec officers for months. The situation was indeed a source of terrible embarrassment for the CorSec.[5]

After the Battle of Yavin, the Corellian Security Force was fighting various criminal organizations throughout the planet Corellia and its officers resolved several complex cases. Lieutenant Jasper revealed a plot arranged by the Rogue CorSec to create a public political-judicial scandal in order to overthrow the Corellian Head of State, the Diktat Daclif Gallamby, and his government.[6][7] Lieutenant Joth discovered and closed an illegal lab where the crazy scientist Doctor Maldien performed dangerous genetic experiments to create dreadful beasts.[8][9] Inspector Cora and Captain Jark retrieved a cargo of weapons stolen by the Deflarians and prevented a Ragtag attack on Tyrena.[10][11] Commander Talte rescued hikers kidnapped in the Thaos Mountains by a group of psychotic cave-dwellers.[12] Major Walden arrested the retired CorSec hero Wilfred Quelsh for murdering fellow officer Kal Braggan.[13] Lieutenant Cope and Captain Baize discovered the existence of the powerful Chirq Council and finally disbanded the organization.[14][15] Later, the team of Lieutenant Varias, that included Agent Jornel Savas, Sergeant Hirka, technical officer Druno Kener and Sergeant Mener, shut down a Clone Wars-era droid factory on Corellia after it had been reactivated by IG-88 as part of his Droid Revolution.[16]

The CorSec was also very active on the planet Talus. The same year, the CorSec localized the Flail hideout on Talus, leading to a battle nearby.[17] In the meantime, Agent Taarna defeated the Talusian Smugglers who exploited the Selonians of the Neetha Den.[18] Taarna later exposed and canceled the Parasophic Arachne program, an illegal and dangerous bioengineering project conducted by the GeneTech Syndicate in order to create an intelligent and deadly form of arachnes.[19]

The CorSec was also fighting other organizations in the Corellian system, such as the Monumenters, the Afarathu, the Cult of Lord Nyax and the Lost Aqualishs. CorSec forces were sometimes assisted by the mercenaries of Beldonna's League.[20]

During the Galactic Civil War, CorSec captured the illegally-modified Short Hauler Nova Whisper, up till then property of the privateer Dharus. CorSec wanted to use the ship as a bait for criminals and left the customizations on it. The ship was assigned to CorSec's vehicle pool until it was hijacked by its pilot, Delt Nerris.[21]

In 7 ABY it was dissolved upon order of Diktat Daclif Gallamby, and the new Public Safety Service (PSS) was formed to replace it. However, by the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War it had been reconstituted, possibly after Thrackan Sal-Solo became governor-general. In the Second Galactic Civil War it was under the control of the Ministry of War.


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