"Beautiful, aren't they? They're Corellian flame miniatures, one of that very short list of art forms which others have tried to copy but never truly been able to duplicate."

Corellian flame miniatures were light sculptures that resembled glowing, floating flames with a pinkish color. They were designed by Corellian artists[1] from transoptical fibers combined from pseudoluminescent plant material and Goorlish light sources. Those fibers were then shaped into extremely delicate sculptures, each of which took the shape of a luminescent blaze.[2]

Although simple in design, Corellian flame miniatures were deeply admired and never truly duplicated by any other species, although several tried to do so. Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactic Empire admired this art form, and during his military campaign against the New Republic in 9 ABY, he surrounded himself with dozens of holographic images of them to calm himself as he thought and reflected.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The concept of Corellian flame miniatures was created by author Timothy Zahn and first appeared in Dark Force Rising, the second in his Thrawn Trilogy series of novels.[2] They were later featured in a single panel of the third issue of the comic book adaptation of Dark Force Rising by Mike Baron. There they were illustrated for the first time by penciller Terry Dodson, inker Kevin Nowlan and colorist Pamela Rambo.[1]



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