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Corellian sand panthers,[2] also known as just sand-panthers,[1] were a feline species native to the planet Corellia.[2] The engineers of Coronet Arms based the design of the Mark V "Sand Panther" hunting rifle on an ancient rifle used to hunt sand-panthers.[2] The Imperial pilot Tana Chellaine believed that her squadmate Huck Trompo had impulse control similar to that of a sand-panther in heat.[1]

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The Corellian sand panther was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon as just a sand-panther in the short story "Last Call at the Zero Angle", which was written by Jason Fry and published in Star Wars Insider 156 in 2015.[1] They were then fully identified as Corellian sand panthers in the 2019 Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying supplement Gadgets and Gear.[2] The species originated in Star Wars Legends, where it was first mentioned in the short story Skin Deep: The Fat Dancer's Tale by A. C. Crispin, which was published in the Tales from Jabba's Palace anthology in 1996.[3]

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