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Luke Skywalker is served Corellian whiskey and hot chocolate.

"Can you tell me how to get to Margess Base?"
"You planning on driving a landspeeder after sixteen mugs of Corellian whiskey?"
"Ahh…(Waves hand.) I didn't drink sixteen mugs of Corellian whiskey."
"It's a good thing you didn't drink sixteen mugs of Corellian whiskey. Just head west out over Autumna Planitia."
Luke Skywalker and a bartender[1]

Corellian whiskey was a popular alcoholic drink from Corellia. One particularly favored brand was Whyren's Reserve, especially the NN182 vintage. Corellian whiskey was a prime ingredient in traditional ryshcate, along with Vweilu nuts. The whiskey had a woody, spicy flavor that was similar to the scent of Caamasi.

Corellian whiskey was primarily popular among Corellians themselves. Despite its popularity with them, most Corellians not actually living on Corellia itself tended to reserve the drink for special occasions, due to its rarity and prohibitive expense elsewhere in the galaxy. Possibly in response, distillers on worlds colonized by Corellians, such as the Ethra Brewery on Socorro, started producing their own versions.

Corellian whiskey could be sold by the mug. Luke Skywalker once drank sixteen mugs of Corellian whiskey while trying to get information out of a bounty hunter. He used the Force to nullify the effects of the alcohol. When the bartender questioned the fact that Skywalker was going to drive a landspeeder to Margess Base after drinking so much, Skywalker used a mind trick to convince them otherwise.[2]

Cade Skywalker ordered a Corellian whiskey (along with Corellian ale) at Rik's Cantina in 137 ABY. Gerd preffered to drink his Corellian whiskey sour.



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