Corphelion Interlude is a short story written by Troy Denning for Valentine's Day of 2003. Set in 8 ABY, the story details Han and Leia Organa Solo's honeymoon trip to see the Corphelion Comets and is included in the paperback version of Tatooine Ghost alongside A Forest Apart.

Plot summary[]

Beginning their honeymoon in a resort on Corphelion to see the comets, Han and Leia Solo are disappointed when the large crowd gathered below leaves little privacy and solitude for them. Deciding on drinks, the pair begin their descent when the show starts. However, their enjoyment is brief, as one comet breaks off and heads toward their location.

The other guests take their leave, but Han reassures his new wife that everything is under control. Leia suspects Wedge's or Lando's involvement, playfully taking him aside and questioning how the smuggler did it. Han protests his innocence while privately fearing the pilot he hired may have overexerted his aim and will hit the resort.

The comet sweeps past the dome at the last moment, its angle leaving a romantic display of lights in its wake against the resort's particle shield. Leia is impressed, and the pair embrace as a cheer erupts overhead, their courtship in full view of the exiting comet watchers.

Han and Leia decide it might be best to return to their ship, so they leave, hand in hand.


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