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"Nobody should be proud of war, Corporal. Nobody. This isn't a thing we do because we like winning. Because of what glory it is to subjate anybody. We do it because we want to be on the right side of things."
Olia Choko, to Corporal Camerand Argell[4]

Corporal was a military rank in army units.[6] It was usually higher than a private or trooper, and lower than a sergeant.[source?]

One OOM-series security droid destroyed by Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi held the rank of corporal within the Trade Federation Droid Army.[2]

Comet[6] and Echo were both clone corporals of the Republic Military.[1]

Though Meebur Gascon's rank in the Grand Army of the Republic was colonel, WAC-47 repeatedly referred to him as "corporal." Later, however, as the two came to respect each other, Gascon gave WAC-47 a promotion to the rank of corporal.[7]

During his time as an infantryman, Han Solo served as a corporal in the 224th Imperial Armored Division.[8]

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In the real world, the rank of corporal is generally a relatively junior NCO grade.

In the British Household Cavalry, however, all NCOs and warrant officers use variations on the rank of corporal.



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