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Jedi General Stass Allie, Clone Commander CC-8826 "Neyo," and another clone trooper of the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps.

A corps was a large infantry unit. In the Galactic Republic's Grand Army, a corps consisted of 36,864 clone troopers and was led by a Clone Marshal Commander and Jedi General. Each corps was divided into sixteen smaller divisions known as regiments, each led by a clone commander. During the First Battle of Geonosis, the Republic deployed eight corps of troopers to the planet.[1]

The word "corps" also applied to naval units such as the Logistics corps,[2] the Transport Corps,[3] and many others. The word "corps" could also apply to army branches such as the Army Air Corps[4] and Imperial Artillery Corps.[4] The term was also used in less military organizations such as the Imperial Survey Corps.[5] A Starfighter Corps was an entire sub-category of military units of starfighters.[6][4]

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