Corrin was a Human female Sith acolyte of the Sith Empire and was one of the young apprentices that were taken by Darth Zash while her legitimate disciple, Kallig, was searching the galaxy for ancient artifacts during the Cold War and the start of the Galactic War.


When Zash was killed, Corrin pledged her allegiance to Kallig and acknowledged the latter as her new master. Some time afterwards, Corrin and Kaal narrowly saved Kallig from being disposed of after their new master was nearly killed by Darth Thanaton. They then returned to Kallig's ship to discuss their next move, knowing that Thanaton would execute them for their defiance. The best bet for Kallig to succeed was to bind more Force ghosts with the Force walk, as the two Kallig possessed were insufficient to overpower Thanaton. Kallig agreed to check out a lead on Taris while Corrin and Kaal promised to keep an eye on Thanaton.

After their master succeeded on Taris, the two apprentices contacted Kallig, revealing that they stole the key to Thanaton's private meditation chamber and now the Dark Lord was out for their blood. Kallig attempted to rendezvous with them on Quesh, but they were both slain by one of Thanaton's minions, Lord Cineratus. Kallig avenged their deaths by killing Cineratus, even though he stated that he was just following Thanaton's order and didn't want himself killed.

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