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The Corrupter was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, which served as the flagship of Imperial Admiral Garreth Holtz and the Corrupter Task Force during the Galactic Civil War.

History[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, the Corrupter led the attack on a Rebel hospital platform full of wounded from the battle, where members of the Azzameen family were delivering black-market bacta in the transport Vasudra. Although at least two-thirds of the Rebel craft were able to escape, both the platform and the Vasudra were lost.[1] The Corrupter subsequently led the Imperial seizure of Twin Suns Transport Services, in association with forces from Viraxo Industries.

Corrupter was charged with finding the Defiance and its task force. However, superior Rebel intelligence allowed the Rebels to monitor and harass the Corrupter and its support ships. While it struggled to find the Rebel ships, Alliance starfighters decimated several important supply convoys, including a critical resupply operation for the Corrupter itself. Stranded with engine damage, it was unable to stop the Defiance Task Force from escaping from the Anoat sector.[1]

Following this failure, Admiral Holtz was assigned Outer Rim patrol duties as punishment. In an effort to curtail piracy, the Corrupter again encountered Rebel forces. Based on information provided by the Hurrim, the Corrupter interfered with an alliance between the Rebels and a smuggling group and seized a spaceborne Dunari's Rest casino belonging to the businessman Dunari.[1]

The Corrupter was destroyed in action while attempting to stop a Rebel counterstrike against the Hurrim in the Battle of Hurrim Base, finally ending the vessel's harassment of the Rebels and their allies.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This history of the Corrupter is based on the player fulfilling any optional goals involving this ship.

The player can attempt to destroy the Corrupter in the Battle of Bettel (mission 1:6). However, the scenario demands the ship to appear again later. In order for the continuity to be maintained, if the player brings the Corrupter's shields down, TIE Avengers from Avenger Squadron appear. They are armed with Concussion missiles and can be difficult to defeat, ensuring therefore the survival of the Corrupter.[1]

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