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Cort Davin was a male native[1] of the Outer Rim world of Concord Dawn, located within the region of the galaxy known as the Mandalore sector.[3] For a time, Davin served as a Journeyman Protector,[1] one of Concord Dawn's respected constables,[4] and acquired experience in special forces operations.[1] However, by the year 30 BBY,[5] Davin had ended his career with the Protectors and answered the call of Jango Fett to become one of the Cuy'val Dar, a one-hundred-person group recruited by the veteran Mandalorian soldier to train the clone commandos of the Galactic Republic's Grand Army on Kamino. Though he was among the non-Mandalorian minority within the Cuy'val Dar, like the others, he disappeared from the known galaxy at Fett's request, and trained the clone soldiers assigned to him[1] for close to a decade, until their deployment at the Battle of Geonosis.[5]

Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars at Geonosis, a conflict waged between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Davin stayed on as clone training sergeant,[1] assisting the Kaminoan cloners with the instruction of new Advanced Recon Commandos and clone commanders[2] as part of an advanced learning program instituted by ARC trooper Alpha-17. Among Davin's trainees was CC-1138, known by the nickname "Bacara." From Davin, Bacara learned the ways of the Journeyman Protectors, coming to think of himself as a enforcer of law and order. Davin also taught Bacara the Concordian dialect, and came to view the early graduate of the commander training program[1] as one of his most successful students.[2]

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"Remember back when you were a little kid, playing with your Star Wars action figures? Remember inventing new characters to share adventures alongside Luke and company? Well, this ex-Journeyman Protector named in the "GGAR" came from a character my friend created in his childhood. I couldn't help but sneak it in as a tribute to the fun we used to have playing Star Wars in the dirt with our 3 ¾ action figures."
Ryan Kaufman[src]

Cort Davin was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the Guide to the Grand Army of the Republic, a Star Wars Insider article authored by Karen Traviss and Ryan Kaufman, and published in September of 2005 as part of the magazine's eighty-forth issue.[1]

In his blog on, Ryan Kaufman revealed that he had named Davin after a character his childhood friend created in his youth, back when the two had played together with their Star Wars action figures.[6]

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