Sir Corto Belrake was a member of the Anoat sector's Noble Court. Although those nobles were nearly wiped out by the Galactic Empire, some of them continued to exist as a secret society. By the time of the Iron Blockade, Belrake was one of the wealthiest people in the sector, and he worked as an agent of "Her Majesty," queen of the Anoat nobles, and her court-in-exile.[1] Belrake was also a skilled combatant, reported to have taken on a squadron of TIE fighters from the ground.

Upon learning that the Empire's ruler, Emperor Palpatine, had died, Her Majesty considered an alliance with Voras the Hutt's Ivax Syndicate. Along with the noblewoman Elenzia, Belrake traveled to the Apex Overlook of Cloud City in order to negotiate with a young rising star of the Syndicate. Belrake demanded a show of goodwill, asking Voras's emissary to hunt down Earl Alner, a treacherous Anoat noble who employed assassins to kill his rivals.[1]



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