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"Pure cortosis gauntlet. All my Knights have them. The metal disrupts a lightsaber. Yours will be useless for the next few minutes."
―Roan Fel, to Darth Kruhl[src]

Cortosis gauntlets were arm braces made with cortosis ore woven into them. Acting as protective shielding, the gauntlets were used by warriors who engaged in lightsaber combat. As cortosis was a naturally lightsaber-resistant metal, when the blade of lightsabers came into contact with the gauntlet, the blade would short out for several minutes.

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Micah Giiett owned a cortosis vambrace, and used it to educate padawans about lightsaber-resistant materials.

Anzati assassin Sajé Tasha wore a pair of clawed cortosis gauntlets during the Clone Wars.[2]

These gauntlets were worn by all of the Imperial Knights who served Galactic Emperor Roan Fel, and Fel, being a fully trained Knight himself, also wore a pair. Sith Lord Darth Kruhl was surprised to find his weapon deactivate in the midst of dueling Emperor Fel on Bastion.[3]

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According to Jan Duursema, Darth Talon was able to cut off Elke Vetter's hand despite her cortosis gauntlets because she cut at the point where the bracer and hand guard join, between the cortosis armor plates.[4]



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