A Morgukai warrior with a cortosis staff

"Surprise, Jeedai? Light not cut. Cortosis alloy, Jeedai. Ho!"
Tsyr to Tholme[src]

The cortosis staff was a melee weapon produced by the Morgukai warriors—a sect of Kajain'sa'Nikto—for use in single combat against Jedi. The staff was laced with cortosis ore, a mineral naturally resistant to a lightsaber. The top of the staff can emit a small plasma blade just like that of a lightsaber. The bottom of the staff featured a small but powerful electrical generator which not only powered the energy blade but could release powerful bursts of electrical energy on contact with an object. This allowed the staff to be an electrostaff, a lightstaff and a lightspear all rolled in one.

The meter-long cortosis staff featured a small, electrical generator, similar to the electrostaffs wielded by IG-100 MagnaGuards during the Clone Wars. The staff could be used as a lethal spear as well as electro stun weapon, able to counter the advantage afforded by lightsaber-wielding opponents. Morgukai such as Tsyr and Bok carried such weapons, as did members of the Morgukai Shadow Army on Saleucami.

Tholme was thought to be the first Jedi to encounter a cortosis staff in battle, and was rendered unconscious by a strike from Tsyr's weapon during a fight on Ryloth in 30 BBY. He later informed Aayla Secura of the details of the weapon, and asked her to report its existence to the Jedi High Council.



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