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"Corulag, huh? That explains the accent."
Zare Leonis to Merei Spanjaf[1]

Corulag was a Core Worlds planet.[1] It was the site of an Imperial Academy, the Corulag Military Academy.[2]

Under the direction of Corulag, lommite extraction increased significantly on Eriadu transforming large sections of the once lush planet into polluted industrial zones and poverty stricken cities. Corulag was also integral in lobbying the Republic Senate to route the Hydian Way through Eriadu space placing the planet on the galactic map.[6]

Corulag was the homeworld of Baron Lero Danthe.[4]

Merei Spanjaf played kicker in the grav-ball youth bracket on this planet.[1] By the time she left the planet for Lothal, it had been significantly changed by the Galactic Empire.[5]

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