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Corulag (pronounced /'kʊɹalæg/)[7] was a populated terrestrial world located on the Perlemian Trade Route in the Corulus system in the Bormea sector, part of the Ringali Shell. It was the endpoint of the Corulag-Jatir Hyperroute. The planet boasted urban sprawls with the underdeveloped areas filled with bamboo forests.

It was near the Ringali Nebula and shared the sun Corulus with Solag, Biolag, and Garulag.


Corulag from space

Originally a colony of Coruscant, Corulag was a Core World with a mostly Human population with a few Wookiees, Aqualish, Ithorians and Selkath as well. This planet was colonized when, under Rakatan domination, the Humans of Coruscant sent out sleeper ships to colonize distant worlds. These sleeper ships ended up throughout the galaxy, in locations such as Corulag, Alderaan, the Tion Cluster, Seoul 5, Kuat, Alsakan, Argai, Axum, Anaxes, Atrisia, Metellos, and many others.

The planet was an early member of the Galactic Republic, and was the site of a battle in the First Great Schism in which Jedi Danzigorro Potts slew his own Master, Jook-jook H'broozin, who had joined the Legions of Lettow, though other Dark Jedi escaped, including Blendri and her Padawan.

The planet was known for its swoop races. It was the headquarters of Aether Hypernautics, Danthe Artifice, Ltd., Gowix Computers, Gwain Spices, Korden Outfitting and Surveying and the Mansom Corporation. Sienar Fleet Systems developed the TIE/Ad x7 at the Sienar Advanced Research Division on Corulag, the same facility from which Dash Rendar stole the Outrider's engines. It was also home to Coreguard Security Services, which provided security to other companies on the planet.

The Corulag cityscape

Around 12,000 BBY, Haddius Korden, a successful merchant from Corulag, turned his family business into Korden Outfitting and Surveying, which supplied a wide variety of equipment to colonists headed for the farthest frontiers of the known galaxy.[8]

Near the end of the New Sith Wars, the world was captured by the Brotherhood of Darkness. In 900 BBY, five powerful families from Corulag called the Quintad left Corulag to the backwater planet of Eriadu where they turned the planet into the Coruscant of the Outer Rim.

Before the Clone Wars, Chief Scientist Frexton of the Corulag Academy had kidnapped the Force adept Teela Panjarra to study the Force, so Mace Windu, Yoda, Vel Ardox, Noro Zak, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Adi Gallia infiltrated the Academy in an attempt to rescue her. This was complicated by an attack of Bartokk assassins. Eventually, though, they were beaten and the child was rescued from the Academy's nursery.

Corulag remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, where it was represented by Senator Zafiel Snopps. Corulag, unlike other planets in the Bormea sector, was represented independently; all others were represented at that time by Mon Mothma.

Rebels raid a prison on Corulag.

After the Emperor took over, the planet's population was extremely loyal to Palpatine, and its behavior was pointed out as model Imperial behavior. The capital city of Curamelle was home to the Corulag Academy, an Imperial military academy. Also during this time, Corulag was home to numerous prisons which held enemies of the Galactic Empire. The House of Citizens was still officially in power, being the lineal descendant of the ancient governments of Corulag through the millennia, though Zafiel Snopps was the de facto ruler and dictator as Imperial governor of the world.

Corulag boasted orbital research stations over its surface on which important work on the Death Star project was done. Rebel forces first confirmed the project's existence after a successful raid on these stations.[9] Under the Empire, Corulag was extremely influential, but after the death of Emperor Palpatine, the planet lost much of its influence.

The retreating Empire eventually abandoned Corulag.[10] Due to Corulag's close ties to Palpatine's New Order, few members of the New Republic Senate were eager to provide aid to the world.[11]

Corulag capitulated to the Yuuzhan Vong after the Battle of Coruscant, though the populace was solidly anti-Vong. Corulag was the site of a battle between elements of the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet led by Admiral Traest Kre'fey and General Wedge Antilles, en route to an attack on Coruscant, and Yuuzhan Vong forces. Kre'fey and Antilles liberated the planet from the Yuuzhan Vong, and the collaborationist government was violently overthrown by furious citizens.[5]

Corulag was the site of a battle during the Sith–Imperial War. Oron Jaeger participated in the conflict, where he received a head wound.[12]

Notable natives[]

Juno Eclipse of Corulag


Behind the scenes[]

Coruscant and the Core Worlds says that Zafiel Snopps was the senator of the Bormea sector from 33 BBY to 19 BBY. Zafiel Snopps is merely the Imperial governor of Corulag in The Far Orbit Project, set in 0 ABY. In Star Wars Insider 70, Arcel Mosbree is the senator. This is countered, nonetheless, by other sources that declare that Mon Mothma was the senator during that period.


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