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Corulag Academy, formally the Corulag Imperial Military Academy, was an educational military institution in Curamelle, the capital city of Corulag. It was created before the rise of the Empire, however, and served the Galactic Republic's Army before the Clone Wars. It had a Science Service tower then, which was infiltrated by Bartokk assassins to capture Teela Panjarra for Frexton. After Palpatine took power, the Academy was a branch of the Empire-wide military school. Among the known students at the academy was the man known as Starter, who was eventually expelled due to obnoxious and undisciplined behavior, and Juno Eclipse, a woman who went on to lead Black Eight Squadron then became the personal pilot of Galen Marek.

The Academy trained members of both the Imperial Navy and the Army in undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, the specific fields within the Academy were navy midshipmen, army cadets, flight school pilots, and specialists from all services within the Imperial Military. It also accepted Graduates from both Raithal and Prefsbelt Academies. A branch of the Navy's training program was also located on Corulag's largest moon.

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